Monday, February 11, 2013

Laurel Oak test

Coming back from an interesting round of golf at one of my favorite courses in the area. A tough and tight course with plenty of water and today a ton of wind. Remember I considered not playing. Well I did not win any money, but I gave myself a chance. The pot was pretty good. Shooting 83 is not exciting at all. But let us see the good things he here. My driving average was 250. That is 20 yards short of the goal. Missed the fairway to often though, which makes the second shot an adventure. It gave e good practice for some trick shots. I actually made some of them and managed several bogeys which looked like totally lost holes. I came in with some good pars, which some of them almost made it for a birdie ( which paid 62 $ each, ouch what a miss LOL). However, I did a good job putting the ball on the green into the wind , had some great approach shots and some really good putting. The shots I missed were a result of not enough play. Strange lies, hasty decisions and not feel for the fast greens. It took me 7 holes to even get in the game. Honestly, if you play every day, there is no challenge to get in the game. The front nine was interesting. I managed to get about 9 points out of it. Really struggling with my tee off. One 3 W I literally bounced about 40 yards ( just like tiger over in Dubai this year LOL ). But two good shots gave me a chance for par, which I missed. Longest drive today was 290, into the rough. Not good news, but at least the distance was good. Most important of the entire day was, that I was were I belong, on a golf course, with people who I like, golfers, doing what I like best, playing golf , enjoying nature ( we saw deer, incredible birds etc) and chasing my dream. Ever more so I am convinced, that my destination is to play this game not matter what it will take. Last I want to mention that I played with a good friend who came out, although his close friends dad died this weekend. Despite all he came out and spend time with me and will part of my team soon :). Now, have some important time with family, have a beer and some BBQ. Tomorrow is a new day and now doubt I will practice and work hard towards the Terrai Ceia Open. Thank you to all who write nice emails, support me and believe in me. Remember, use the comment section :). Do it without telling your name if you like :)

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