Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just a thought along the way

So far having a great day. Working on website, resting and getting settled for tomorrow. It is just a matter of doing the right thin. Have some tea, honey, rest and more rest. There is no sense in getting on the driving range in the cold wind and risk to be sick for days. Health is the key and the older I get the more I appreciate it. It is funny, how I feel like 18 inside and yet, my body sometimes tells me different. When preparing for my task of playing pro golf, I do read plenty about fitness, physical and mental fitness and I found that one thing is for sure. Mental fitness by far is more important to play great golf then physical. True, one needs to be healthy. But the idea that you need to go work out every day, live on vitamins, eat right and so on and so on, is simply wrong. There is dozens of examples throughout the history of golf who proof, that all that really does not matter. Think of David Duval. He was a fantastic player and then started to go work out and get in shape. He fell deep, very deep and never made it back to where he was. The focus is golf! Nothing else. So I get myself in shape with some rest and then swing some clubs at home, do some chipping and putting. That will do the trick. Visit my website There is new features added and new info. You can find travel deals, do custom google searches and much more. Every time you go to my website and do your tasks there, you support our mission. I know there is some of you out there who would love to sponsor me in some of my tasks, but think that they can not because they have no resources. But you do! Are you going on line? Yes. Are you shopping for something? Yes. Are you supporting a charity? Yes. Those are only a few pointers which give you the opportunity to do something. Most important, read and follow my day to day golf life and soon a second blog, which will be announced.

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