Thursday, February 21, 2013

Interesting day

It was an interesting day. Again on the couch. Again sweating and some coughing. No progress whatsoever anywhere. I did some work, sent some emails to potential sponsors and tried to work on the website and the blog. Non of it made any $. Although that is frustrating, it needs to be done and worked on. Not sure if I can or should play tomorrow.
For one I am not sure how I feel tomorrow and the funds available need to be used for practice and tournament play. So we will see how it goes.
Planning to go away for 3 days to MS. Always love that. It is quiet times , looking on the water, doing walks and just relax. Also gives a lot of time to think about how we proceed.
After 52 days I have to say I am not satisfied with progress in terms of golf, practice, sponsorship and business. As a matter of fact, there is lots of it lacking.
There is a lot of strain which is put on your environment when you decide to pursue a goal like I do. Imagine, if one person in your household will stop working today and only bring in funds on a very irregular basis. It takes plenty of believe on your side and on the side of all others involved.
Looking at the business set up , it looks good, but is far from bringing in results which would help to keep me 100 % focused. Looking at the sponsorship aspect, I have a good start which gives me basic set up, but I am far from being able to do what needs to be done. So remember, I am looking for believers in a greater goal and purpose! Looking at my golf. I made some progress, but without play every day this progress does not last long :). Looking at practice. I do a good job with what I have on hand, which is not sufficient to move forward and just enough to stay on it.
It is interesting, that I have friends who play consistently pretty good golf, not high level, but good golf. Analyzing the set up they have one thing becomes clear. They do not have any challenge or problem financially. Meaning, there is a clear mind right there. Imagine if some of them would actually start practicing more then 2 times a week and show the will to move forward? or even believe that they could? That would be interesting and exciting. However, those guys have no interest. Mostly interested in looking good to the public by being on boards or whatever. Then again, that is not my thing.
Fact is, that we need something to happen faster and I am not satisfied with how we move along at this point. As I said before, I am open to suggestions, ideas, comments and so on.
Please no comments which do not make sense.
I had one email once asking me why I would not go work full time. It is not even worth my time to answer that. The goal explains that one itself. Even with my part time work I am doing it is in all honesty a tough goal to accomplish. However, there might be other ideas. Things to sell, marketing, sponsorship ideas and so on. We are open to that.
Here is the thing, I know, that I am able to get the job done, once the right tools are present. So , that is what needs to be accomplished.
Now back to the couch. One more night of rest to get fully back in shape.
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