Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good practice

Good practice and working day in Ft Myers. On the road since early morning. Getting things done. It is a good feeling to make progress. Had a good practice session today. Nice warm up around the pitching area and then a very concentrated target practice. All topped by focus on the driver, which looked good. If I can put all that together, things are fine. However, I should not get to excited. It was my first practice in over a week and it will be a while before I get into the daily and full time practice and play. It feels great to be outside and do what is most important. Now it is writing follow ups with clients and working on website marketing. It feels good , when things are close to be in order and the mind is clear and in focus. Give it another month or two and I will absolutely free in my mind. Then bigger steps will be happening. One of the things which I think could be helpful would be a Hotel sponsor. Right after the gas that would be one of the most incredible improvements. But one step at time. Looking forward to dinner. No food since 8 35 am this morning. But we will keep it simple.

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