Sunday, February 17, 2013

getting ready

It is the time again. PGA Tour is running on TV and I am getting my bag ready for tomorrow's play at Sarabay Country Club. This will be a tough test with plenty of opportunity to cash in.
Not only would it be nice, but at this point cashing in becomes a necessity to survive. This is the taste of working golf. Most folks never think of it, but it is a business and it is work. Creating income, creating a living. Having fun with it, no matter what ( that is the toughest part ).
Like Lee Trevino said: “Pressure is playing for ten dollars when you don't have a dime in your pocket.”
That pretty much reflects many of us players out there working on making it happen. It is a thrill and it is pressure.This pressure is where one makes it or not. You got to make your decision what price you are willing to pay. No doubt, you have too leave your comfort zone. That is the only way to accomplish something many will never have the privilege to do so. AS you can ready , I had plenty of time to think today LOL. But that is important as well. Once you get to a point, where every day is uncertain when you start it, you might get caught in thoughts which are of no value and today was a practice day for me. Practice to stay on target, on line and in focus. Keeping a clear picture of what I do and why. But enough of that for today. Although this blog has the purpose to inform my viewers of my thoughts, feelings and how things go, I am sure they enjoy the lighter stuff more on a Sunday evening.
Just hope that there is no freezing temperatures  in the morning.
The key aspect of playing on this course is to get the second shot on the green. The greens are fast, small and fall back towards the fairway and roughs. Going over is a big nono. Best to leave it under the hole on every hole. The biggest issue tomorrow will be the warm up. The driving range is to short to hit woods. So I need to warm up my driver at home. This is sufficient when I have enough time. I think 7 30 am to 8 30 am will be this time frame to get in the swing.
A driving range warm otherwise consists of a few PWs to get the rhythm and then move to the 6 or 5 iron right away and hit most shots with that. That will make the higher numbered clubs feel like wedges and so scoring will be easier. Finish with a few hybrids and ready to go. The day of play is not the day to work on your game. Not on the range and not on the course. It is game day.
That means, go out and play. Playing the game means, playing it. Shot by shot, hole by hole, putt by putt. The money is in the birdies. Both, for ranking and skin pots.
Still seeking partners to create more momentum. It is absolutely crucial that within the next few months our team grows and support grows. So send it out, invite friends and family. This will be some exiting times.

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