Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fridays round of golf

What a round it was. Got lucky and was paired with 2 excellent and 1 very good player. I was excited about it. Went of to a good start with a birdie on 1. From there on, it was a hard working round with ups and downs, some good holes and saves and some bad. I could keep up with them, but never found my rhythm. Swinging to fast, not turning enough. It was hard to keep focus. I felt great, but did not seem to be able to keep my thoughts clear on the task. Best example was number 2. Huge wide open fairway. I did not turn my body and the result was a drive into a tree just 150 yards away. What a drive. My partners all had about 280 to 300 yards drive. Not good I thought, but it is what it is. So I am off to get the ball in play, which did not work out, topping the ball and moving it about 30 yards forward. The key word here is forward. At least I accomplished that. Shot three. I finally was able to get it 200 yards out there, which is still ok on a par 5. Easy straight shot to a huge green with a 5 iron. All I really had to do was put it on the green, but I missed left. a good chip and a better put actually saved a bogey. Considering, that we had 2 pars and another bogey in the group, I did good work there, even if it looked horrible :). From there on my focus was on keeping the ball in play. Big mistake! Whenever I do that I am blocking, not turning, hitting short and definitely not straight. Throughout the round I had a few pars, some birdie chances, non of them I converted missing by an inch or less and 2 times leaving it short. The worst part was the bunker play. 3 bunkers, no sand safe. As a matter of fact, twice I did not make it out of the bunker with the first attempt. Now that is bad to they the least. With all things, I still was able to keep my calm and play my round. Working on playing shot after shot. It was great to play with golfers who are not short of professionals. Not only do they play well, but also the way they act on the course and around the greens is different. There is no comments. On 16 it was a great example. I hit a bad drive and ended up right under a tree with the ball sitting between all kinds of roots. Evaluating the situation, I figured that there is no root close to the ball and I can hit the ball. I took one extra club to make sure I do not have to swing hard. I had to clear 1 fairway bunker and a green side bunker behind which the flag was sitting. When swinging at the ball I found out that there was some root close and I did not get ahold of it. Luckily it was good enough to make it into the green side bunker, which I usually like. The lie was good so I did not take much time and got ready to hit, while everybody was patiently waiting on the green. I went through my routine and did my shot, which flew about 2 yards to the edge of the trap and rolled back. Getting ready again and hitting another shot, I did not take enough time and picked the ball clean, flying it way over the green. Again, nobody moved on the green and no comment, until I was completely done. Once that happened, everybody was moving on. No word about this hole on the next tee, 17 par 3. I was hitting last. Hit a great shot with 12 feet of the flag. That was great news, for me that I can get over a bad hole and for them to be able to say something good. I now have 7 rounds with statistics. Another 3 and I am doing my chart and see what the main issues are. Then wee will work one by one. Today is off day in terms of play, but 1 hour practice will be on the schedule as well as short game.

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