Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 58

Yes , I am back. Some of you wondering what happened to 56 and 57? Well those two days were used to rest, plan and one to travel. So I was simply not able to get the entries done. But I am happy to report, that we move on with bigger steps. I am extremely excited that things will be moving on and more professional then ever. Beginning the end of March I will be able to extend my practice to professional level. Daily play and practice! This is the foundation of success in this sport. This is so exciting, that I can not wait to get out and begin working harder and better. Until then there is work to do to set up the business model, get branded equipment like bag, balls, tees , clothes etc. I am so happy to report that I have some wonderful supporters who will start to make it happen, giving me the opportunity to get ready to show my ability, which then will lead to more people coming on board. I am not sure if my readers all understand how much weight is lifted of one shoulders once you know, you can get up and focus on the task of practice, play and work golf rather then to make it through the day and survive. Not meaning, that I have nothing else to do :). There is plenty of ventures we are building and working on. Websites, business and so on. However, the next 6 months will be filled with the comfort of knowing, that things are in order and safe. I will report about the our log merchandise when it is the time. But I can tell you it is exciting. I will promote the companies who make the product. So if you have a business , I will be able to supply you, help you and maybe even promote you . But let me not get ahead of myself. Today is a day of office, research, organizing, calling and getting things set up. The next tournament is not until mid march. So there is plenty of time. Next week finally could be some time to get a lesson in to find some guidance and discuss practice options including equipment, swing analyzers and so on. I might be back later today with results. Questions? Message me. If you are interested in participating or becoming a sponsor and partner. There is plenty of things which need to be taken care of and organized. Every single bid of help is welcome. Remember, you also get a good return!

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