Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 55

Very early morning in Mississippi. It would be exciting to be here for a golf tournament, although it is a little cold her. But we are here for a 3 day off weekend. Relax, regroup, rethink, replan. It felt good to go to bed early. First time in weeks before 10 pm and get a good night rest. Today I will follow the PGA tournament and while doing so work on setting up a schedule for the upcoming weeks. There will be a few smaller tournaments. But our main focus will be to raise funds. Despite a good start, after readying and learning from some players who went through a similar process, one major error was done by me. The funds for the mission year needed to be raised before I went on my way. Not that I did not know that, but I thought I will manage it. There is no handbook out there on how to approach a goal like this. But there is a few players who wrote about how they got into it. Beside writing a business plan and laying out a goal, it is crucial to secure funds and support before going on the journey, so that all focus can be put on the goal. This is crucial for the player and for all who are sponsoring, loaning and so on. After all , they want to turn a profit or get their funds back . This will happen faster if the player succeeds in the task. One learns along the way. So there is some work to do and we will do that today and tomorrow and over the coming week. A new fitness plan needs to be developed. I feel great. Meaning, I have no problems with my physical condition. Back is good, upper body is good. My feet are a different story and I will need to work on a different shoe set up. But I am also sure that the weight issue might help. I still am over weight and that might be part of it. I found, however, that it gets harder with age to work on that matter. We might take advantage of the gym today and tomorrow, to get our body to move a little. But we have a 10 mile walk ahead of us today as well. So I do not want to overdue it. The hot tub will be on our list as well to relax muscles. They are all tight. Nothing is lose. I am guilty of not stretching myself enough before and after golf. More for the list of improvements. It is a beautiful morning out here. A city awakening. Sunrise is incredible. It would be nice if a hotel like this would have a simulator. Not sure why they do not. No doubt, that there would be plenty of users here. Now there is an idea :) . Enjoy your day and follow the updates. I am sure there will be some great results announced throughout the day.

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