Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 54

Wonderful day out there. My feet are hurting from yesterday. I need to work on different shoes. But there is no hurry. It all has to work like it is now for a while. Pretty tired. Lots of action in our neighborhood and lots of thinking all night. Ever thought about if golfers do think? Oh yes. I did pretty much all night. Not good. I am tired now. However, we have 3 days of getaway coming up and we need it. Just getting some rest away. There will be no practice, no stress. Just seeing the water and finding some peace and relaxation. I have not been really relaxed in weeks and that is not very helpful for my game or my work on the game. At times it makes you think if it is the right thing to do. Struggle every months to pay your bills, have some fun time with your spouse and yet try to practice, play, progress. I guess many golfers struggle in between. It just gets harder to do it. The biggest difference might be that I am 45 and not 25. Much more urgency to get things done. Also my body is by far not as fit as it was with 25 and it seems harder and harder to get it in shape. You might ask if I have fun doing it. Working towards a dream. I do and I hardly doubt things. However, as of today I am not sure. I think I need to approach things different. So over the next days we will make a new plan on how to get the finances in such order, that I can play , practice and not have to think how we make it otherwise. There might be a short delay over the next few weeks with my game, but for a good night sleep and a peaceful home I do all kinds of things :) . No worries, I am in the best of mood. Just sharing my daily thoughts.

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