Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 53

Feeling much better and at least from a health stand point I think I should play. I had enough rest. Question is what can I earn. Paying the entry fee for this event today or trying to safe the money for a future event and practice. That is the question. Honestly , it is sad, that I have to think about it. But I guess that is part of the journey at this point. Checking the records I just found out , that there is a blind draw for birdies today which is for 218 $. Considering that I will go and risk the money. I know I can shoot birdies on that course and I feel good to do so. February is a shorter months and that makes it a little harder to get things in order towards the end. Still looking for suggestions. What I really need would be a few thousands in lotto winnings. It would be great to have 6 months or so in stress free golf and preparation. Again, to all readers, send out my blog, my idea and website to friends , family, companies. Maybe there is some who can see an opportunity to get together and work as partners on a profitable future. Think about the benefits. Publicity online, in papers, on cars, RVs, advertisements. Getting the name out. There is You Tub spirals, social media groups. Plenty of things to have a name out. Think about the profit. Invest i.e. 10000 tomorrow. The return is that plus 20 % over the next 5 years. Do the math and compare that with your savings account, investment account. But it is best to message me for a 1 on 1 conversation. I cam a long way so far , but for the next step I need more support and need it now. The big tournaments are coming in a few months and I want to be part of it. Ever thought of getting your companies name out? Now bag to golf. Last round I played was good in terms of driving the ball. I averaged over 250 ( still have to do that stats). The second shot was often good but mostly short. Also I was not able to stick it to the greens, which were tough greens. Chipping was good and I could spin it nicely , hitting 3 flag sticks with my chip ( none went in though). Putting was good, but the fast greens to hard to adjust on that day. So considering all points of the situation I am in, I held up well compared to the field. Which tells me, that I can handle the course at Bobby Jones for sure. What would you do? Risk it and give it a shot or play it safe? Playing it safe usually does not bring any rewards in cash or for self confidence. So I think there is only one choice. Go out and play , risk the money, do the best and get a result.

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