Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 52

Feeling much better this morning. Seems like the cough is less and my voice is better as well. Spoke with a friend and was told that it can take up to a week to get rid of this thing. So today I will first keep going on our admin and website. Yesterday we two success stories. One is that a sponsor agreed to send some balls my way. This is great news. You have to imagine, that I do not play a new ball that often. Usually I play one ball for one round. If the ball is still in ok shape, I might be able to play it another round. A practice round I might use the same ball again. But honestly, if you play a soft ball and it has scratches and so on, the ball flight will be different. Even if you do not see it. When putting, there is a difference as well.
So there is some new balls coming along . Even better, they were ordered through our website . Which that means additional support.
This is a step forward in different ways. So if you need to shop for golf products or for travel or for whatever , visit this site before you make a decision and have in mind that it might be of great help. If you contact me before, I will show my appreciation. Ok, now some medicine, breakfast and then keep working. Some practice might be up in the afternoon. Tomorrow I am scheduled to play and as of now I think I am able to . We will see.

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