Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51

Still fighting the cold. I have to cure it all the way. Otherwise I am going to carry it for weeks. So another day at home. Resting, working on communications, websites and so on. One of the biggest issues is funding.
The amount needed to seriously move forward is 500 to 700 a week ( which includes all kinds of things). So I am working on restructuring of business, rerouting of funds and business, reorganizing of websites, business and communication. In order to play 100 % to my ability I need 100 % time for just that. Everything else is of no sense and pretty much a waste of time and money.
I might put in some short game practice today in the late afternoon.
On of the big issues with putting practice is that my current putting simulator is not working anymore. Looking to get into a new one ASAP. Still no swing analyzer available and working on that. This all will cause delays you might say and you are right. It will . But , it will not change the fact that I am moving on . Everything else became obsolete to me months ago. Let us see how I progress though the day and I will keep you updated.
Still in search for sponsors for golf tees, swing analyzer, material of all kinds, golf bag and more. For lists and options feel free to comment or mail me. Thank you.

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