Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49

It is game day. It is cold and my cough is still here. But I feel good and will play. One has to think. Would I call in sick to work feeling like I feel now? The answer would be NO. I have to feel much worse to call in sick. Amazing. How afraid people are to call in sick, but when it comes to other things, they would skip them. Although those other things are by far more important most of the time.
This is all twisted. Anyway. Sarabay is waiting. Put on long pants, stalking head, have coffee , Dayquill and some tea with honey and off we go to compete. I am excited and look forward to it.
There is plenty of $ in this pot and I am ready to go get it.
Take a look at the website of the country club. Sarabay in Sarasota. Traditional course. Interesting history. I feel blessed to be able to walk and play on courses where many greats of this game spend time before. Same course, same greens, same trees and same club house for the most part.

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