Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 48

Woke up to 42 degrees here in Florida. Blue sky and sun, but cold. Have a sore throat, nose is plugged and no energy. I felt yesterday that the flue might be trying to catch me. But I got a good night sleep and took some stuff to help. So that helped. No way I can go in the cold wind today if I want to play tomorrow. So preparation and work will be around the house and the home practice area. Mainly I will get rest and fight the virus. Great news about the foot though. It does not hurt today. I am not sure what it is or how it can hurt, but today it does not. One of the biggest projects to work on today is websites, blogs etc. This is a huge part of my business set up and I appreciate help and suggestions, if you have any. This is all very time consuming, but needs to be done. After all,80 % of income produced needs to come from this source, so our time is free to do what we need to do. Play golf, do charity. Help where we can. Update on how it goes will follow later today.

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