Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 47

After playing very well on Friday, I put my focus on creating opportunities. Working on the website and on sales. Next round is not until Monday at Sarabay and I am ready. I feel great and my mindset is different I think. Tomorrow will just be some short game practice and irons. This is the key to give me opportunities, which then I need to convert. Birdies bring money and money is what we need to earn. So there we go. I got a little cold I think and my right ankle is still a little hurting again. But I think with some rest it will be fine. It feels great to have this feeling of confidence and assurance inside one. When on the course I have to make sure I can keep it going. There is nothing too lose once I made up my mind for the shot I am playing. One thing I like to mention. Yesterday was not only a great day with my driver, but I felt more then ever that I am in the right place. For a while I was thinking I have to change things on the course, about me and so on. I was wrong I do not need to change anything about me. I just have to learn to put my personality in my game and in my work. Just some thoughts I carry with me. Thank you for all the support, especially from my family and my special partner. It would not be possible to do things alone. Team is the key to everything. .

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