Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 46

Up and running. It is cold and wet outside, but the weather forecast said at noon it will be sunny. But it will never be more then 63 or so. yesterdays practice in the rain was great, but left me with a sore throat. But that will not keep me from playing. I withdrew from Terra Ceia. The tee time was at 8 36 am , in the cold and rain and more important, there was only 30 players, which in a tournament like that leaves a poor price pool and I am playing to win $. So I am scheduled for Bobby Jones. Hopefully the weather will get better, so many players will show up there. It will be at least a great practice round for MOnday. Not sure if I can do a practice round on Sunday or Saturday at Sarabay, but I might try to do so. My right foot seems to have some issues as well when I am walking. But that also is not that bad. Need to play. All things considered, I need to play . It is my attempt to make a living playing. Would I call my work and not show up this morning? Absolutely not. I am not sick and I am not hurting. So why not go to work? But for now , coffee and a little breakfast.

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