Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 45

Time is really moving forward. But I am up and running . Weather is not that great today again this morning. However, it is good enough for a good practice session with target to get irons in shape and the 3 wood ready to take off. This will be a key on Friday and Saturday at Terra Ceia. I am excited about this two day event and look forward to play this very tight course with small greens and wind. This will be the ideal warm up for Sara Bay on Monday. One of the key aspects in terms of equipment will be the 4 iron. I worked on my 4 iron, but found, that the comparable hybrid is by far easier for me to hit. I was luck to be able to play a borrowed one from Adams, which worked great. Maybe a the shaft was not stiff enough, but it felt good and when I look down on it has a good feel to it. So after Sara Bay I will work on a few things in terms of equipment. 1. Club, 2. New balls 3. Practice area. We will see how it comes all together. The afternoon is dedicated to Valentines Day and I wish all a very happy one.

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