Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 44

Amazingly it actually was raining this morning. We needed the rain and usually that is no reason not to go on the range. As a matter of fact it is beneficial to do so. After all tournaments are played in all conditions and you can not pick. However, guests are flying out today and for that we have a long trip. Which leaves me with some putting and chipping at home. Which is also beneficial. The chipping part is working real well here. Not that you can see the roll of the ball. However, you can develop good feel and keep rhythm. This is what I will need this coming Friday and Saturday. A short course, with small greens and tiny fairways. It will be crucial to have the short irons on target. That is good news for me, because they are. There is only 2 holes I can play a driver and most likely will not because of water close by and OBs everywhere. But we will see. It will be a great test and challenge. 2 days of play, fun and competition. Today I discontinued of the products we are promoting and selling. Please be aware, that when you go on our websites, that we do not fill orders any more. We will send leads to the company who will then make contact. You can see me playing the Nickel Putter for now. I am satisfied with the product and there will be no change at this point. There is no endorsement by this company. If you own a company with putters I am always open to suggestions of course. After all , this is a business. Here is a nice one I found today. It describes my train of thought well. Fitting in is a short-term strategy that gets you nowhere. Standing out is a long-term strategy that takes guts and produces results. —Seth Godin

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