Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43

It is a wonderful morning. We had a great party yesterday with family. It is crucial and amazing. Slept in until 8 am and I was excited that I actually woke up. You will keep hearing that from me. But it is important to understand. There is thousands of people who do not wake up every day. For all kinds of reasons and sometimes for reason at all. I will take the opportunity to make the best of this day. In doing that I do not mean to go to the office , sit there and do something I do not like. I am talking about using the time to live. You might say, that does not pay the bills. And you are right. But at times , that does not even matter LOL .So today, I have few practice as a family member is still in town and I will use the time for other things, which by far is more important that anything. I will however keep my swing going in the afternoon at home. The rhythm is good and spirit is high. The only thing I really need is a lottery win LOLOLO. I am not kidding . Have a great day.

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