Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 39 and 40

Yesterday was a pure office day. NOt that I do not need those days. There is plenty of work to do to get my mission done. Websites, paperwork, communication with possible sponsors and whatever. Those are all tasks which are usually not done by the player, however , at this point of my operation I have to do 90 % of all tasks. You might wonder if that has an impact on my game? Oh yes and not a good one. But then again, it needs to be done for now. I was able to do 1 hour short game yesterday. This turned out well and I am satisfied with my GW, LW and SW. Again could determine even with more confidence, that the two piece soft ball will be my choice. That will be a switch, but a good one. 1. Because there is models out there which are priced lower and 2. My short game really benefits from the softness around the green and that is where I score. Today will be a little more practice. Afternoon at Terra Ceia Bay. I hope to get 2 hours in. We will see. There is always the home practice area as well. You might think, that is not enough. And you are right again. One step at a time. More work to be done in the office. 1 task is to find and/or create more of such. Tomorrow I will put in a full force day in order to get ready for Monday in case I will play. Not sure yet if I play all you can play somewhere or to a practice session or maybe a mixture of both. I am looking forward to be out there. Weather is perfect and I have a great feeling for the ball within me. Once you know what your mission and passion is, you have this incredible feeling inside. Nothing and I mean nothing can take your thought of it. It feels good. Not sure how to describe it. But it seems, that nothing matters and that no matter what happens around you, you know you are going in the right direction. Before I close for now, I give you an example. Waking up, I have a great feeling of happiness and thankfulness every morning. I have that for the bigger part of my life and it is incredible how great it feels to have a smile within you. But a few weeks ago something new came along. Following a famous guy advise, I look in the mirror every morning and ask myself if I like what I am going to do this day and I can report, that the days I can say yes, outweigh the days I need to say no. And I learned, that I will not do what I said no to unless absolutely and unchangingly necessary, no matter what. Something are seen as necessary, which they are absolutely not. But that is enough about my thoughts in that matter. Lets get back in focus for golf, that tasks which need to be done to reach the goal. The things which need to be organized to make it happen. The people which are needed on the team to accomplish success. I let you know about my practice later. Thank you for stopping by.

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