Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 38

Nice day out there. I will be able to put a few hours practice in, but first there will be plenty of office time. Friday play is off the schedule. So the weekend will consist of practice and work. Just hurt the story of a sports coach at a trainings camp in Europe. Top athlete, 45. Gave a class, went to bed to never wake up again. So even if I can not do the practice I need and want, I am pretty excited to be up and running :). One of the key aspects besides play and practice is to have your mind clear and in focus on the task on hand. This is the hardest part I must say and yet it is the easiest, as you have total control of your mind. Whatever enters your mind is there because you let it. Task today: 1. Work on driver, 2. Work on team building and sponsor search 3. Allocate funds or work 4. Work on building practice area. All other tasks, thoughts and such are absolutely and totally irrelevant ! :) PGA Tour is on today, so we have that on today as well. Always good to see how the guys are doing out there. Let us see how the day goes.

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