Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36

Of into a new day. Work up after a very short and unsettling night of sleep. It is cold outside, but the sky is blue and the sun is on the rise. Love Florida. It is like Spain. Even when cold , you get some sun. That helps to keep the moral up. Seems like the wet and cold yesterday afternoon got into my bones as well. Nevertheless I am getting ready for a short practice at Terra Ceia Bay. Based on what I can do right now, I will focus on the absolute most important shot. Which would be the hybrids. 170 to 220. Even with a bad drive, I most likely will be in a distance range which is about that and so the goal is to make sure I get on the green or to the green. Practice will be about 90 minutes today. Again way to short, but no choice. The second part will be at home. Utilizing the practice area. Most of the day will be spend to work on allocating sponsorship and funds. Yes, that is a huge part of the deal. Not the most pleasant, but it needs to be done. This is a s ide most of you and most people never realize it is there. I know and play with dozens of young and older pros who do not have big companies supporting them or paying them for their endorsement. It is a constant struggle to make sure you can give your full time attention to the task. Only full time attention will bring success and only success will bring sponsors or will payback investments and so on. I am sure you will read more about that. After all my goal of with this blog is to give clear, real information about how a player like me goes through the steps. No holding back nothing. That is what makes it so exciting and at times upsetting LOL. But when you think about it. It is nothing else then hard work and a tough job to accomplish the goal. There is only one difference. People who do it, absolutely love what they do and are willing to sacrifice all kinds of things, just as I do. Let's start the day. Coffee, breakfast and off we go. There will be more updates through out the day.

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