Thursday, February 7, 2013


Thank you for the messages which I actually get via email. It seems like one question is dominant and I will post it on here so it is accessible. In general. When commitment is mentioned it means exactly that! Commitment. The definition is clear and simple. If you commit to provide golf balls for one year, that is what the written agreement will state, nothing less and nothing more. If you say you want to do something else, it will be noted as discussed. I have a 12 months plan which includes travelling, playing, practicing, working, charity, volunteering and I have to plan ahead. There is people who count on me, my work and my ability in terms of golf and speaking. So I count on my team while it is growing. We start small an grow. But all will have one thing in common. 100 % believe that we can make it happen. I received a couple messages beginning: what if you are not going to make it? I disregard those questions without comment. If I would not believe that we will make it, I would stop working on the task tomorrow. It is not a problem to have creative input, but the core needs to be sound in believe that we will accomplish our goal. Ask any coach in the NFL if he would hear this question? The player asking would not be on the team. So I answered at least in short the few messages in this post and hope to get many more. Meanwhile, I am working on a FAQ page for my site, where info is provided on how to get start. Time is of the essence. We have golf to play, goals to reach, things to accomplish. We have people to be helped, charities to support. There is a many things which need to be done and we need to get going. It is a team effort and the questions which should be asked are : 1. How can I help? 2. When do we start? 3 Can I join your team? 4. What is the plan? 5. What do you need? There is always a plan B when the time comes, we will discuss it. As for now. We are moving, without a doubt. No looking left and no looking right. Wow, now I really got going LOL. If you think you have a comment you want to post in public , send it. Meanwhile I respect requests, that I will not post the message I get to my email. Cheers.

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