Monday, February 4, 2013

A new week on the rise

After a good Friday, a slow Saturday and SuperBowl Sunday, back to work. Today is a huge schedule, which includes 4 hours of golf practice and plenty of office work in regards to sponsorship, schedule and so on. Although not there yet, I feel great in thinking that my work day consists for the most part to get ready for golf and practice for the next tournament. For now I can only imagine how it will be to be 100 % in focus on my new work. Todays practice will focus yet again on my driver. No doubt, that this is my weakest part of the game at this point. The average driving distance is to low and the accuracy is not even close to be where it should be. I will try to install a mirror today or order a practice mirror. This little item is one of the oldest and best things one can use for set up and positioning training. Also today I will spend plenty of time hitting an old tire, which is similar to using a punch bag. This will help to work on the turn. Further putting practice and plenty of chips are on the list. When looking at my practice set up at home, I am by far not satisfied. Still no roof, still no simulator or analyzer and still not putting area. We are open to suggestions to accomplish the set up. From whoever who is out there :) There is two tournaments coming up which are planned. Laurel Oaks with the WFGT and the Terra Ceia Open ( a short course in Palmetto, FL). Not much, but at least competition to get even more in the mode. 3 rounds of golf are on the list for this week, if possible. Soon we have merchandise available from The sale of our logo merchandise will serve several purposes including charity support for local charity here in Bradento, Sarasota. I am open to play on Charity events and help or volunteer in all kinds of ways. Please contact me on how we can set this up.

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