Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good practice

Good practice and working day in Ft Myers. On the road since early morning. Getting things done. It is a good feeling to make progress. Had a good practice session today. Nice warm up around the pitching area and then a very concentrated target practice. All topped by focus on the driver, which looked good. If I can put all that together, things are fine. However, I should not get to excited. It was my first practice in over a week and it will be a while before I get into the daily and full time practice and play. It feels great to be outside and do what is most important. Now it is writing follow ups with clients and working on website marketing. It feels good , when things are close to be in order and the mind is clear and in focus. Give it another month or two and I will absolutely free in my mind. Then bigger steps will be happening. One of the things which I think could be helpful would be a Hotel sponsor. Right after the gas that would be one of the most incredible improvements. But one step at time. Looking forward to dinner. No food since 8 35 am this morning. But we will keep it simple.

Day 59

Work day. Despite the fantastic news that practice and some tournament entries as well as some other things are secured, there is still ways to go. Today we are on the road, working. I get the opportunity to practice about 2 to 3 hours today and tomorrow. That is better then not working on the game. It is cold and maybe even wet. but I can live with that. After all when you play and compete you do not have a choice. Preparing for March 6th on the West Florida AM Tour. This is a great opportunity to play on a very private course. Good practice and one never knows, it might be a good place to get some skins and winnings in. But without the necessary practice I stay humbled and just see that I have a good time and collect more statistics and experience. March 7th might be another opportunity to play at a great course, if we can make. I am excited, but am well aware that we need plenty of more support. We are on the first step of this journey. Hopefully a few more incredible people, just like my first sponsors, will join our team and ship in for the cause and the goal. Most definitely I am more relaxed today as I was only 7 days ago. If things go well, we start nicely into March. Great news is the upcoming family visit. This is one of my favorite times. Good times, good golf and good food :). Ok, off to do some work. I might be back with more news and facts later today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 58

Yes , I am back. Some of you wondering what happened to 56 and 57? Well those two days were used to rest, plan and one to travel. So I was simply not able to get the entries done. But I am happy to report, that we move on with bigger steps. I am extremely excited that things will be moving on and more professional then ever. Beginning the end of March I will be able to extend my practice to professional level. Daily play and practice! This is the foundation of success in this sport. This is so exciting, that I can not wait to get out and begin working harder and better. Until then there is work to do to set up the business model, get branded equipment like bag, balls, tees , clothes etc. I am so happy to report that I have some wonderful supporters who will start to make it happen, giving me the opportunity to get ready to show my ability, which then will lead to more people coming on board. I am not sure if my readers all understand how much weight is lifted of one shoulders once you know, you can get up and focus on the task of practice, play and work golf rather then to make it through the day and survive. Not meaning, that I have nothing else to do :). There is plenty of ventures we are building and working on. Websites, business and so on. However, the next 6 months will be filled with the comfort of knowing, that things are in order and safe. I will report about the our log merchandise when it is the time. But I can tell you it is exciting. I will promote the companies who make the product. So if you have a business , I will be able to supply you, help you and maybe even promote you . But let me not get ahead of myself. Today is a day of office, research, organizing, calling and getting things set up. The next tournament is not until mid march. So there is plenty of time. Next week finally could be some time to get a lesson in to find some guidance and discuss practice options including equipment, swing analyzers and so on. I might be back later today with results. Questions? Message me. If you are interested in participating or becoming a sponsor and partner. There is plenty of things which need to be taken care of and organized. Every single bid of help is welcome. Remember, you also get a good return!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 55

Very early morning in Mississippi. It would be exciting to be here for a golf tournament, although it is a little cold her. But we are here for a 3 day off weekend. Relax, regroup, rethink, replan. It felt good to go to bed early. First time in weeks before 10 pm and get a good night rest. Today I will follow the PGA tournament and while doing so work on setting up a schedule for the upcoming weeks. There will be a few smaller tournaments. But our main focus will be to raise funds. Despite a good start, after readying and learning from some players who went through a similar process, one major error was done by me. The funds for the mission year needed to be raised before I went on my way. Not that I did not know that, but I thought I will manage it. There is no handbook out there on how to approach a goal like this. But there is a few players who wrote about how they got into it. Beside writing a business plan and laying out a goal, it is crucial to secure funds and support before going on the journey, so that all focus can be put on the goal. This is crucial for the player and for all who are sponsoring, loaning and so on. After all , they want to turn a profit or get their funds back . This will happen faster if the player succeeds in the task. One learns along the way. So there is some work to do and we will do that today and tomorrow and over the coming week. A new fitness plan needs to be developed. I feel great. Meaning, I have no problems with my physical condition. Back is good, upper body is good. My feet are a different story and I will need to work on a different shoe set up. But I am also sure that the weight issue might help. I still am over weight and that might be part of it. I found, however, that it gets harder with age to work on that matter. We might take advantage of the gym today and tomorrow, to get our body to move a little. But we have a 10 mile walk ahead of us today as well. So I do not want to overdue it. The hot tub will be on our list as well to relax muscles. They are all tight. Nothing is lose. I am guilty of not stretching myself enough before and after golf. More for the list of improvements. It is a beautiful morning out here. A city awakening. Sunrise is incredible. It would be nice if a hotel like this would have a simulator. Not sure why they do not. No doubt, that there would be plenty of users here. Now there is an idea :) . Enjoy your day and follow the updates. I am sure there will be some great results announced throughout the day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 54

Wonderful day out there. My feet are hurting from yesterday. I need to work on different shoes. But there is no hurry. It all has to work like it is now for a while. Pretty tired. Lots of action in our neighborhood and lots of thinking all night. Ever thought about if golfers do think? Oh yes. I did pretty much all night. Not good. I am tired now. However, we have 3 days of getaway coming up and we need it. Just getting some rest away. There will be no practice, no stress. Just seeing the water and finding some peace and relaxation. I have not been really relaxed in weeks and that is not very helpful for my game or my work on the game. At times it makes you think if it is the right thing to do. Struggle every months to pay your bills, have some fun time with your spouse and yet try to practice, play, progress. I guess many golfers struggle in between. It just gets harder to do it. The biggest difference might be that I am 45 and not 25. Much more urgency to get things done. Also my body is by far not as fit as it was with 25 and it seems harder and harder to get it in shape. You might ask if I have fun doing it. Working towards a dream. I do and I hardly doubt things. However, as of today I am not sure. I think I need to approach things different. So over the next days we will make a new plan on how to get the finances in such order, that I can play , practice and not have to think how we make it otherwise. There might be a short delay over the next few weeks with my game, but for a good night sleep and a peaceful home I do all kinds of things :) . No worries, I am in the best of mood. Just sharing my daily thoughts.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nice day out

So I decided to play today. 4 days sick and in bed or on the couch. I needed to get out and it was a great idea. Weather was perfect, sun, blue sky. What I did not realize is the fact, that I was still week. Only took 5 holes to be tired and sweating like crazy. But , my driver was working well for me. Hit fairways and gave myself some opportunities. Not that I made a birdie, but 1 inch short , 2 inch long, 1 inch short. Not to bad I must say. So the front nine was 5 over. Not to bad, considering the wind and not knowing what was going on. Sometimes it felt it was not me playing LOL, which at times is a benefit. Back nine started with two double bogeys and a bogey. Horrifying , when you thing how short the holes are. Had some great drives following up and putting for birdie on every hole from then on, not making one! Frustrating. The best news. I made it. Exhausted, feet hurting and a pretty good sunburn. Played an 83. Not a great score, but considering the situation pretty good. The best part about the entire day was something totally different. John, a friend , 55, who had a stroke some time ago was actually in the club house. In a wheelchair . He could not move his left side and did not recognize everyone, but, he was there, having a brown ale ( his favorite beer), talking to people, being where he belongs, on a golf course. He might never play again, but still is going to be there. What a fighter. Only a week or so ago he could only move one hand! This was good. A huge reminder how lucky I am to be as healthy as I am. To be able to get out, walk , talk. Makes all the troubles we have right now totally irrelevant. I mean what does it matter? In reality. It is nice to have plenty of money, have all ducks in a row and so on. He has all that, but he might never move again. I have no ducks in any row, but I walk , talk , drink, eat, play and have something John does not. I wish I could give him some of what I have. It puts life in a view which most of us lost. Money. It is all about money. Forget about money. It does not even matter. Next I have a drink, try to get some rest and reset. The next two months are going to be a defining moment. We need to raise tons of the money I just was talking about. But do you realize why the goal is the goal? There is so much work to do, People to be helped. I just met a new friend who's parents dedicated their lives to help the homeless in Sarasota. He will carry his heritage and I will help him. I will e part of his team. But there is more partners we need. More people who want to be part. Wow, I got all carried away. But the truth is, that we do what we do not to be rich, but to give back. Give more. There is several golf tournaments coming up for charity. Breast cancer and more. If you are interested , message me, ask for the info. WE have a poker tournament coming up to raise money for the breast cancer walk. We need sponsors, helpers, players and more. Ok, I think that is enough for today. So sleep well and think!

Day 53

Feeling much better and at least from a health stand point I think I should play. I had enough rest. Question is what can I earn. Paying the entry fee for this event today or trying to safe the money for a future event and practice. That is the question. Honestly , it is sad, that I have to think about it. But I guess that is part of the journey at this point. Checking the records I just found out , that there is a blind draw for birdies today which is for 218 $. Considering that I will go and risk the money. I know I can shoot birdies on that course and I feel good to do so. February is a shorter months and that makes it a little harder to get things in order towards the end. Still looking for suggestions. What I really need would be a few thousands in lotto winnings. It would be great to have 6 months or so in stress free golf and preparation. Again, to all readers, send out my blog, my idea and website to friends , family, companies. Maybe there is some who can see an opportunity to get together and work as partners on a profitable future. Think about the benefits. Publicity online, in papers, on cars, RVs, advertisements. Getting the name out. There is You Tub spirals, social media groups. Plenty of things to have a name out. Think about the profit. Invest i.e. 10000 tomorrow. The return is that plus 20 % over the next 5 years. Do the math and compare that with your savings account, investment account. But it is best to message me for a 1 on 1 conversation. I cam a long way so far , but for the next step I need more support and need it now. The big tournaments are coming in a few months and I want to be part of it. Ever thought of getting your companies name out? Now bag to golf. Last round I played was good in terms of driving the ball. I averaged over 250 ( still have to do that stats). The second shot was often good but mostly short. Also I was not able to stick it to the greens, which were tough greens. Chipping was good and I could spin it nicely , hitting 3 flag sticks with my chip ( none went in though). Putting was good, but the fast greens to hard to adjust on that day. So considering all points of the situation I am in, I held up well compared to the field. Which tells me, that I can handle the course at Bobby Jones for sure. What would you do? Risk it and give it a shot or play it safe? Playing it safe usually does not bring any rewards in cash or for self confidence. So I think there is only one choice. Go out and play , risk the money, do the best and get a result.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Interesting day

It was an interesting day. Again on the couch. Again sweating and some coughing. No progress whatsoever anywhere. I did some work, sent some emails to potential sponsors and tried to work on the website and the blog. Non of it made any $. Although that is frustrating, it needs to be done and worked on. Not sure if I can or should play tomorrow.
For one I am not sure how I feel tomorrow and the funds available need to be used for practice and tournament play. So we will see how it goes.
Planning to go away for 3 days to MS. Always love that. It is quiet times , looking on the water, doing walks and just relax. Also gives a lot of time to think about how we proceed.
After 52 days I have to say I am not satisfied with progress in terms of golf, practice, sponsorship and business. As a matter of fact, there is lots of it lacking.
There is a lot of strain which is put on your environment when you decide to pursue a goal like I do. Imagine, if one person in your household will stop working today and only bring in funds on a very irregular basis. It takes plenty of believe on your side and on the side of all others involved.
Looking at the business set up , it looks good, but is far from bringing in results which would help to keep me 100 % focused. Looking at the sponsorship aspect, I have a good start which gives me basic set up, but I am far from being able to do what needs to be done. So remember, I am looking for believers in a greater goal and purpose! Looking at my golf. I made some progress, but without play every day this progress does not last long :). Looking at practice. I do a good job with what I have on hand, which is not sufficient to move forward and just enough to stay on it.
It is interesting, that I have friends who play consistently pretty good golf, not high level, but good golf. Analyzing the set up they have one thing becomes clear. They do not have any challenge or problem financially. Meaning, there is a clear mind right there. Imagine if some of them would actually start practicing more then 2 times a week and show the will to move forward? or even believe that they could? That would be interesting and exciting. However, those guys have no interest. Mostly interested in looking good to the public by being on boards or whatever. Then again, that is not my thing.
Fact is, that we need something to happen faster and I am not satisfied with how we move along at this point. As I said before, I am open to suggestions, ideas, comments and so on.
Please no comments which do not make sense.
I had one email once asking me why I would not go work full time. It is not even worth my time to answer that. The goal explains that one itself. Even with my part time work I am doing it is in all honesty a tough goal to accomplish. However, there might be other ideas. Things to sell, marketing, sponsorship ideas and so on. We are open to that.
Here is the thing, I know, that I am able to get the job done, once the right tools are present. So , that is what needs to be accomplished.
Now back to the couch. One more night of rest to get fully back in shape.
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Day 52

Feeling much better this morning. Seems like the cough is less and my voice is better as well. Spoke with a friend and was told that it can take up to a week to get rid of this thing. So today I will first keep going on our admin and website. Yesterday we two success stories. One is that a sponsor agreed to send some balls my way. This is great news. You have to imagine, that I do not play a new ball that often. Usually I play one ball for one round. If the ball is still in ok shape, I might be able to play it another round. A practice round I might use the same ball again. But honestly, if you play a soft ball and it has scratches and so on, the ball flight will be different. Even if you do not see it. When putting, there is a difference as well.
So there is some new balls coming along . Even better, they were ordered through our website . Which that means additional support.
This is a step forward in different ways. So if you need to shop for golf products or for travel or for whatever , visit this site before you make a decision and have in mind that it might be of great help. If you contact me before, I will show my appreciation. Ok, now some medicine, breakfast and then keep working. Some practice might be up in the afternoon. Tomorrow I am scheduled to play and as of now I think I am able to . We will see.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51

Still fighting the cold. I have to cure it all the way. Otherwise I am going to carry it for weeks. So another day at home. Resting, working on communications, websites and so on. One of the biggest issues is funding.
The amount needed to seriously move forward is 500 to 700 a week ( which includes all kinds of things). So I am working on restructuring of business, rerouting of funds and business, reorganizing of websites, business and communication. In order to play 100 % to my ability I need 100 % time for just that. Everything else is of no sense and pretty much a waste of time and money.
I might put in some short game practice today in the late afternoon.
On of the big issues with putting practice is that my current putting simulator is not working anymore. Looking to get into a new one ASAP. Still no swing analyzer available and working on that. This all will cause delays you might say and you are right. It will . But , it will not change the fact that I am moving on . Everything else became obsolete to me months ago. Let us see how I progress though the day and I will keep you updated.
Still in search for sponsors for golf tees, swing analyzer, material of all kinds, golf bag and more. For lists and options feel free to comment or mail me. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 50

My cold is back in full force. That means, couch, rest, tea and warm. It has to go away, so I am in great shape for a new start I practice and work. Surely I have time to think about how to proceed more professional and with realistic chances to succeed. Once I have some more results I surely will share them with all of you out there.
I am excited to report, that the blog views are getting more by the day. But still not many comments. I encourage everybody to write something.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Wow, not that was a tough round of golf.
Getting there I was told it was frost delay. 1 hour wait. So I went to Suncoast to warm up. 1 hour in cold wind and I did not feel good about it. But I thought, that my drives look good and my long irons decent. So  I went on back to play. Beautiful day. Blue sky, sunny, but ice cold wind and wind from everywhere. Looking at results of all players, you can see how tough it really was. But that is by far no excuse for my play. I had good drives, some extremely good chips and approaches and some good putting. but on the other hand I offered some laughable shots, beginner putting and approach shots which were not close to approaching.
What I liked was that on par 5s from the white tees. I had a realistic change to make it in two. Which I did not go for it ( big mistake) and focused on playing a birdie to make some money.
I had about 7 chances for a birdie 2 of them realistic and made none!!! No birdie, no money.
Most interesting is the part of who you play with. If players in your group start taking your clubs out of your bag and proceed to lay them by your next tee box while you are still putting on the green before or marking your ball while you are walking up to it for a birdie putt to push you to move faster and then end up with a double bogey, patience is lost.
It is absolutely horrible to play with players who do not appreciate someone trying to play well just because they are thinking you can not. However, even that I do not consider a reason for playing a bad round, but it shows you, that in some instances, it is simply better to not play in this company, which I will from now on try to avoid.
One PGA pro asked me today why I am not progressing. When discussing the schedule the only thing he said was : Forget it. There is absolutely no way whatsoever to progressing to a higher level if not playing every day. Period. For that matter he also said, that I should not worry about my score ( which I do not ) and keep working on getting a professional set up.
This is all no news whatsoever to me and I am aware ,that my current situation will not allow me to progress. But should I not play at all just because I can not get results?
The answer is yes. There is absolute no sense in playing for money on the big courses if there is no realistic chance to win cash. I am not playing to look good and I am not playing to have a status. I am playing to earn income and to have fun.
So he was right. Also I was told that I have all what it takes, but need to focus more on golf. Also aware of that, I will try to make that a point.
There will be no tournament play until March 11th and then only if I can see progress and good rounds before that. A par round is mandatory before spending more time on that.
Next step will be a change of equipment. Bag, some clubs, some shoes. So there we go on our journey. On step at a time. Still great to do what you really like to do and as a matter of fact, that is the only way to go if you want to enjoy life.
So , Tough day, but good work day, interesting people and even more determination in what I do is right.
Most interesting hole today :
Par 5 number 18:
I hit a 267 yard drive and hat 197 too the pint. Unfortunately with a downhill lie. I opted to lay up with a 6 iron just in front of the  green. But ended up a little right in very deep rough. After waiting for 5 minutes to get to play, I was able to put it on the green within 30 feet for an uphill birdie put. While walking up to the green a player in our group took the liberty to pick up my ball and mark it.
A little irritated I thought we need to rush and looked around and  did not take the time to look at my put from all 4 sides. Which resulted in a fast put to the hole which ran of the green into the rough. needless to say I was not able to make it stop close to the hole. Lucky to safe a 7 after being in great shape.
Overall, my fault. I should have blocked out the amateur and disregarded his behavior. Good lesson learned and now more understanding , why most pros do not like to play with those people.
Now , back on the couch and trying to fight this incredible cold and cough, hoping I am good tomorrow.

Day 49

It is game day. It is cold and my cough is still here. But I feel good and will play. One has to think. Would I call in sick to work feeling like I feel now? The answer would be NO. I have to feel much worse to call in sick. Amazing. How afraid people are to call in sick, but when it comes to other things, they would skip them. Although those other things are by far more important most of the time.
This is all twisted. Anyway. Sarabay is waiting. Put on long pants, stalking head, have coffee , Dayquill and some tea with honey and off we go to compete. I am excited and look forward to it.
There is plenty of $ in this pot and I am ready to go get it.
Take a look at the website of the country club. Sarabay in Sarasota. Traditional course. Interesting history. I feel blessed to be able to walk and play on courses where many greats of this game spend time before. Same course, same greens, same trees and same club house for the most part.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

getting ready

It is the time again. PGA Tour is running on TV and I am getting my bag ready for tomorrow's play at Sarabay Country Club. This will be a tough test with plenty of opportunity to cash in.
Not only would it be nice, but at this point cashing in becomes a necessity to survive. This is the taste of working golf. Most folks never think of it, but it is a business and it is work. Creating income, creating a living. Having fun with it, no matter what ( that is the toughest part ).
Like Lee Trevino said: “Pressure is playing for ten dollars when you don't have a dime in your pocket.”
That pretty much reflects many of us players out there working on making it happen. It is a thrill and it is pressure.This pressure is where one makes it or not. You got to make your decision what price you are willing to pay. No doubt, you have too leave your comfort zone. That is the only way to accomplish something many will never have the privilege to do so. AS you can ready , I had plenty of time to think today LOL. But that is important as well. Once you get to a point, where every day is uncertain when you start it, you might get caught in thoughts which are of no value and today was a practice day for me. Practice to stay on target, on line and in focus. Keeping a clear picture of what I do and why. But enough of that for today. Although this blog has the purpose to inform my viewers of my thoughts, feelings and how things go, I am sure they enjoy the lighter stuff more on a Sunday evening.
Just hope that there is no freezing temperatures  in the morning.
The key aspect of playing on this course is to get the second shot on the green. The greens are fast, small and fall back towards the fairway and roughs. Going over is a big nono. Best to leave it under the hole on every hole. The biggest issue tomorrow will be the warm up. The driving range is to short to hit woods. So I need to warm up my driver at home. This is sufficient when I have enough time. I think 7 30 am to 8 30 am will be this time frame to get in the swing.
A driving range warm otherwise consists of a few PWs to get the rhythm and then move to the 6 or 5 iron right away and hit most shots with that. That will make the higher numbered clubs feel like wedges and so scoring will be easier. Finish with a few hybrids and ready to go. The day of play is not the day to work on your game. Not on the range and not on the course. It is game day.
That means, go out and play. Playing the game means, playing it. Shot by shot, hole by hole, putt by putt. The money is in the birdies. Both, for ranking and skin pots.
Still seeking partners to create more momentum. It is absolutely crucial that within the next few months our team grows and support grows. So send it out, invite friends and family. This will be some exiting times.

Just a thought along the way

So far having a great day. Working on website, resting and getting settled for tomorrow. It is just a matter of doing the right thin. Have some tea, honey, rest and more rest. There is no sense in getting on the driving range in the cold wind and risk to be sick for days. Health is the key and the older I get the more I appreciate it. It is funny, how I feel like 18 inside and yet, my body sometimes tells me different. When preparing for my task of playing pro golf, I do read plenty about fitness, physical and mental fitness and I found that one thing is for sure. Mental fitness by far is more important to play great golf then physical. True, one needs to be healthy. But the idea that you need to go work out every day, live on vitamins, eat right and so on and so on, is simply wrong. There is dozens of examples throughout the history of golf who proof, that all that really does not matter. Think of David Duval. He was a fantastic player and then started to go work out and get in shape. He fell deep, very deep and never made it back to where he was. The focus is golf! Nothing else. So I get myself in shape with some rest and then swing some clubs at home, do some chipping and putting. That will do the trick. Visit my website There is new features added and new info. You can find travel deals, do custom google searches and much more. Every time you go to my website and do your tasks there, you support our mission. I know there is some of you out there who would love to sponsor me in some of my tasks, but think that they can not because they have no resources. But you do! Are you going on line? Yes. Are you shopping for something? Yes. Are you supporting a charity? Yes. Those are only a few pointers which give you the opportunity to do something. Most important, read and follow my day to day golf life and soon a second blog, which will be announced.

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Day 48

Woke up to 42 degrees here in Florida. Blue sky and sun, but cold. Have a sore throat, nose is plugged and no energy. I felt yesterday that the flue might be trying to catch me. But I got a good night sleep and took some stuff to help. So that helped. No way I can go in the cold wind today if I want to play tomorrow. So preparation and work will be around the house and the home practice area. Mainly I will get rest and fight the virus. Great news about the foot though. It does not hurt today. I am not sure what it is or how it can hurt, but today it does not. One of the biggest projects to work on today is websites, blogs etc. This is a huge part of my business set up and I appreciate help and suggestions, if you have any. This is all very time consuming, but needs to be done. After all,80 % of income produced needs to come from this source, so our time is free to do what we need to do. Play golf, do charity. Help where we can. Update on how it goes will follow later today.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 47

After playing very well on Friday, I put my focus on creating opportunities. Working on the website and on sales. Next round is not until Monday at Sarabay and I am ready. I feel great and my mindset is different I think. Tomorrow will just be some short game practice and irons. This is the key to give me opportunities, which then I need to convert. Birdies bring money and money is what we need to earn. So there we go. I got a little cold I think and my right ankle is still a little hurting again. But I think with some rest it will be fine. It feels great to have this feeling of confidence and assurance inside one. When on the course I have to make sure I can keep it going. There is nothing too lose once I made up my mind for the shot I am playing. One thing I like to mention. Yesterday was not only a great day with my driver, but I felt more then ever that I am in the right place. For a while I was thinking I have to change things on the course, about me and so on. I was wrong I do not need to change anything about me. I just have to learn to put my personality in my game and in my work. Just some thoughts I carry with me. Thank you for all the support, especially from my family and my special partner. It would not be possible to do things alone. Team is the key to everything. .

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 46

Up and running. It is cold and wet outside, but the weather forecast said at noon it will be sunny. But it will never be more then 63 or so. yesterdays practice in the rain was great, but left me with a sore throat. But that will not keep me from playing. I withdrew from Terra Ceia. The tee time was at 8 36 am , in the cold and rain and more important, there was only 30 players, which in a tournament like that leaves a poor price pool and I am playing to win $. So I am scheduled for Bobby Jones. Hopefully the weather will get better, so many players will show up there. It will be at least a great practice round for MOnday. Not sure if I can do a practice round on Sunday or Saturday at Sarabay, but I might try to do so. My right foot seems to have some issues as well when I am walking. But that also is not that bad. Need to play. All things considered, I need to play . It is my attempt to make a living playing. Would I call my work and not show up this morning? Absolutely not. I am not sick and I am not hurting. So why not go to work? But for now , coffee and a little breakfast.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rainy practice

Wow, now that is what I call rain. 2 hour practice in cold wind and rain. Interesting to say the least. But, as Nick Faldo said, you need to practice in any conditions because tournaments are in any conditions. So if it is raining you can learn about your distances or play abilities and the wind will help to learn about distances. So I had a good time, but I was soaking wet. Not sure about Terra Ceia Bay tomorrow. The cost turned out to be higher then I thought and the field is only 24 players. On top, there is no cash winnings and that is part of the idea, to play and earn something along the way. I will make up my mind in a few about that. Bobby Jones is tomorrow as well and I might just go play there. I had a good practice and learned a lot about the wind. Now it is off day and spending time with my most important team partner :).

Day 45

Time is really moving forward. But I am up and running . Weather is not that great today again this morning. However, it is good enough for a good practice session with target to get irons in shape and the 3 wood ready to take off. This will be a key on Friday and Saturday at Terra Ceia. I am excited about this two day event and look forward to play this very tight course with small greens and wind. This will be the ideal warm up for Sara Bay on Monday. One of the key aspects in terms of equipment will be the 4 iron. I worked on my 4 iron, but found, that the comparable hybrid is by far easier for me to hit. I was luck to be able to play a borrowed one from Adams, which worked great. Maybe a the shaft was not stiff enough, but it felt good and when I look down on it has a good feel to it. So after Sara Bay I will work on a few things in terms of equipment. 1. Club, 2. New balls 3. Practice area. We will see how it comes all together. The afternoon is dedicated to Valentines Day and I wish all a very happy one.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 44

Amazingly it actually was raining this morning. We needed the rain and usually that is no reason not to go on the range. As a matter of fact it is beneficial to do so. After all tournaments are played in all conditions and you can not pick. However, guests are flying out today and for that we have a long trip. Which leaves me with some putting and chipping at home. Which is also beneficial. The chipping part is working real well here. Not that you can see the roll of the ball. However, you can develop good feel and keep rhythm. This is what I will need this coming Friday and Saturday. A short course, with small greens and tiny fairways. It will be crucial to have the short irons on target. That is good news for me, because they are. There is only 2 holes I can play a driver and most likely will not because of water close by and OBs everywhere. But we will see. It will be a great test and challenge. 2 days of play, fun and competition. Today I discontinued of the products we are promoting and selling. Please be aware, that when you go on our websites, that we do not fill orders any more. We will send leads to the company who will then make contact. You can see me playing the Nickel Putter for now. I am satisfied with the product and there will be no change at this point. There is no endorsement by this company. If you own a company with putters I am always open to suggestions of course. After all , this is a business. Here is a nice one I found today. It describes my train of thought well. Fitting in is a short-term strategy that gets you nowhere. Standing out is a long-term strategy that takes guts and produces results. —Seth Godin

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 43

It is a wonderful morning. We had a great party yesterday with family. It is crucial and amazing. Slept in until 8 am and I was excited that I actually woke up. You will keep hearing that from me. But it is important to understand. There is thousands of people who do not wake up every day. For all kinds of reasons and sometimes for reason at all. I will take the opportunity to make the best of this day. In doing that I do not mean to go to the office , sit there and do something I do not like. I am talking about using the time to live. You might say, that does not pay the bills. And you are right. But at times , that does not even matter LOL .So today, I have few practice as a family member is still in town and I will use the time for other things, which by far is more important that anything. I will however keep my swing going in the afternoon at home. The rhythm is good and spirit is high. The only thing I really need is a lottery win LOLOLO. I am not kidding . Have a great day.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Laurel Oak test

Coming back from an interesting round of golf at one of my favorite courses in the area. A tough and tight course with plenty of water and today a ton of wind. Remember I considered not playing. Well I did not win any money, but I gave myself a chance. The pot was pretty good. Shooting 83 is not exciting at all. But let us see the good things he here. My driving average was 250. That is 20 yards short of the goal. Missed the fairway to often though, which makes the second shot an adventure. It gave e good practice for some trick shots. I actually made some of them and managed several bogeys which looked like totally lost holes. I came in with some good pars, which some of them almost made it for a birdie ( which paid 62 $ each, ouch what a miss LOL). However, I did a good job putting the ball on the green into the wind , had some great approach shots and some really good putting. The shots I missed were a result of not enough play. Strange lies, hasty decisions and not feel for the fast greens. It took me 7 holes to even get in the game. Honestly, if you play every day, there is no challenge to get in the game. The front nine was interesting. I managed to get about 9 points out of it. Really struggling with my tee off. One 3 W I literally bounced about 40 yards ( just like tiger over in Dubai this year LOL ). But two good shots gave me a chance for par, which I missed. Longest drive today was 290, into the rough. Not good news, but at least the distance was good. Most important of the entire day was, that I was were I belong, on a golf course, with people who I like, golfers, doing what I like best, playing golf , enjoying nature ( we saw deer, incredible birds etc) and chasing my dream. Ever more so I am convinced, that my destination is to play this game not matter what it will take. Last I want to mention that I played with a good friend who came out, although his close friends dad died this weekend. Despite all he came out and spend time with me and will part of my team soon :). Now, have some important time with family, have a beer and some BBQ. Tomorrow is a new day and now doubt I will practice and work hard towards the Terrai Ceia Open. Thank you to all who write nice emails, support me and believe in me. Remember, use the comment section :). Do it without telling your name if you like :)

Day 42

I am so excited to see that the blog reached over 1000 page views. So there is some interest. Stay with me, this will be exciting, with all the ups and downs of this journey. Greatest news today, I will play at Laurel Oaks after all. Although I feel I did not practice enough to live up to the fullest, I feel great, have a good iron game and the driver is coming along. Therefore I will play. Update will come later.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun chipping practice

Just after dinner I discovered, that the living room has great potential for chipping practice. Even more then I thought. There is many different distances I can work with, different obstacles to overcome and even different width areas. Doing 1 hour in here seems to be beneficial, as my feeling for the chip is improving. So I got some productive practice in after all. It will be a stressful and very long week, so I am off to bed to get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day and a new week coming up. We will see what will happen and what I can accomplish. Meeting with potential partners. Chatted with a friend who plays professional. He advised me to get agreements ready for those talks. Based on his experience, that is the only way to secure the sponsorships in the long run. Not sure where I find those. Maybe I can get some from those guys, but mostly they have third parties working for them doing it. We will see. Got another email in today with questions and advised to read my blog entry about it. I am wondering if the comment function actually works? If someone would say hi, this would be helpful. After all I can see that there is plenty of readers. Good night for today.

good day

Did some short game practice and worked on my woods. All in anticipation of next weekend. I can not wait to get out and play. First Terra Ceia and if things go well Monday at Sara Bay. Not at all excited about missing tomorrow. It is nice to have a productive Sunday. Actually got something done at home as well. Now a good dinner and then let us see what I can put on the plan for tomorrow. I wish I would get more invites for charity events. So if you know someone, let them contact me. Ok, let us cook some dinner. At least enjoy the evening. Thank you for the positive responses.

Day 41

A wonderful morning . Blue sky, perfect temperature, sun. Ideal for a few hour practice and then a round of golf. That would be the right thing to do. However, not for me today. Looking at 2 hour practice later this afternoon before dinner. Meanwhile getting some other things done, making use of the time as good as possible always one goal in mind. It is funny, only a few years ago in my mind I though: No worries, you got time, one step at a time. How wrong I was. There is no time. Time is of the absolute essence and not to be wasted. Todays question in front of my mirror got a mixed answer. That holds up for a decent day, but certainly does not in the long run. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged Guess I had my thoughtful moment this morning LOL. But all is true. Now a coffee, breakfast, get a list ready and start the day. Best news is, that I am here, alive and well, my mind clear and open, my senses sharp. My appreciation for this fact is growing by the day. Let us see what progress we can accomplish today and you will read about it. Thank you for messages. An no, it is not a problem when you do not like to comment in public. The time comes that you are ready for it, it will be fun :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nice day at practice

It was a short but productive practice today. Warming up with a few short irons, which are in good shape, then shifting focus on longer irons for the approach. But the main focus remains the driver and the hybrids. Things looked good today. Accurate shots. Because of the range balls and conditions it is almost impossible to tell what my distance at this point is. However, the swing felt good and I think there is potential to get more distance out of it. Just a matter of going out there and practice and play. Tomorrow we will work on short game for a couple hours and then switch back to the driver. The Terra Ceia Open will be the next official tournament to prepare for. So the upcoming week playing this course is on the agenda. As of the moment, a withdrawal of for Mondays WFGT tournament is unavoidable. Disappointing since this is one of my favorite courses out here. We will see. For now the day is over :) .

Day 39 and 40

Yesterday was a pure office day. NOt that I do not need those days. There is plenty of work to do to get my mission done. Websites, paperwork, communication with possible sponsors and whatever. Those are all tasks which are usually not done by the player, however , at this point of my operation I have to do 90 % of all tasks. You might wonder if that has an impact on my game? Oh yes and not a good one. But then again, it needs to be done for now. I was able to do 1 hour short game yesterday. This turned out well and I am satisfied with my GW, LW and SW. Again could determine even with more confidence, that the two piece soft ball will be my choice. That will be a switch, but a good one. 1. Because there is models out there which are priced lower and 2. My short game really benefits from the softness around the green and that is where I score. Today will be a little more practice. Afternoon at Terra Ceia Bay. I hope to get 2 hours in. We will see. There is always the home practice area as well. You might think, that is not enough. And you are right again. One step at a time. More work to be done in the office. 1 task is to find and/or create more of such. Tomorrow I will put in a full force day in order to get ready for Monday in case I will play. Not sure yet if I play all you can play somewhere or to a practice session or maybe a mixture of both. I am looking forward to be out there. Weather is perfect and I have a great feeling for the ball within me. Once you know what your mission and passion is, you have this incredible feeling inside. Nothing and I mean nothing can take your thought of it. It feels good. Not sure how to describe it. But it seems, that nothing matters and that no matter what happens around you, you know you are going in the right direction. Before I close for now, I give you an example. Waking up, I have a great feeling of happiness and thankfulness every morning. I have that for the bigger part of my life and it is incredible how great it feels to have a smile within you. But a few weeks ago something new came along. Following a famous guy advise, I look in the mirror every morning and ask myself if I like what I am going to do this day and I can report, that the days I can say yes, outweigh the days I need to say no. And I learned, that I will not do what I said no to unless absolutely and unchangingly necessary, no matter what. Something are seen as necessary, which they are absolutely not. But that is enough about my thoughts in that matter. Lets get back in focus for golf, that tasks which need to be done to reach the goal. The things which need to be organized to make it happen. The people which are needed on the team to accomplish success. I let you know about my practice later. Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Thank you for the messages which I actually get via email. It seems like one question is dominant and I will post it on here so it is accessible. In general. When commitment is mentioned it means exactly that! Commitment. The definition is clear and simple. If you commit to provide golf balls for one year, that is what the written agreement will state, nothing less and nothing more. If you say you want to do something else, it will be noted as discussed. I have a 12 months plan which includes travelling, playing, practicing, working, charity, volunteering and I have to plan ahead. There is people who count on me, my work and my ability in terms of golf and speaking. So I count on my team while it is growing. We start small an grow. But all will have one thing in common. 100 % believe that we can make it happen. I received a couple messages beginning: what if you are not going to make it? I disregard those questions without comment. If I would not believe that we will make it, I would stop working on the task tomorrow. It is not a problem to have creative input, but the core needs to be sound in believe that we will accomplish our goal. Ask any coach in the NFL if he would hear this question? The player asking would not be on the team. So I answered at least in short the few messages in this post and hope to get many more. Meanwhile, I am working on a FAQ page for my site, where info is provided on how to get start. Time is of the essence. We have golf to play, goals to reach, things to accomplish. We have people to be helped, charities to support. There is a many things which need to be done and we need to get going. It is a team effort and the questions which should be asked are : 1. How can I help? 2. When do we start? 3 Can I join your team? 4. What is the plan? 5. What do you need? There is always a plan B when the time comes, we will discuss it. As for now. We are moving, without a doubt. No looking left and no looking right. Wow, now I really got going LOL. If you think you have a comment you want to post in public , send it. Meanwhile I respect requests, that I will not post the message I get to my email. Cheers.

Short but sweet

Short practice, but successful. Good feel in my hands and in my swing. Did not shoot any videos, but will do so again soon. Right now the focus is on feel more then anything else. Might add some putting to the day, depending on weather and time. One of the things I found out is, that I tee up the ball way to high with my driver. Which results in many straight hits which are not long. The cause being that I do not hit the sweet spot. But , it is very strange to tee up the ball lower with the driver. So the next goal is to learn to tee it low and go through with it. At home I will start to use a short rubber tee and do half swings to get a feel for it. Next week I will take it to the range and then specifically work on teeing of with the driver. Still the number one project I have to work on. If I can not get off the tee 270 or longer in average, there is no way to hit into the long par 4s. Playing short par 4 therefore only helps to a point. Theorizing is good :), just does not help with anything. Spoke with a friend about playing next week and it looks good. Might even be able to get on a couple good courses with them. We will see. Not being able to play often is not exactly helping the game and moral. However, I can think of a thousand reasons which are worse :). Off to do some webwork. Did you check my website yet? being the main portal. Any webmasters our there who want to be part of building the site. There is a lot of help needed to get things done. Message me, make suggestions. :). Just remember, comments and suggestions are welcome, but I will not approve comments which are negative, try to educate me in terms of what I can do or can not. That is why I had to delete a few.


So here I am , going through notes, plans, looking at books, videos and all kinds of stuff. Thinking about how I will accomplish my task and reach the goal and then I open a website and get reaffirmed in my thoughts by the following simple words: “There is no such thing as a natural touch. Touch is something you create by hitting millions of golf balls.” Lee Trevino quote And off we go hitting. No matter what. Quotes are of great help, as long as you actually put them action, which that is the lack of most LOL. Luckily I am putting them to work. I like Lee. It was a different time when he played. However, some principals never change.

Day 38

Nice day out there. I will be able to put a few hours practice in, but first there will be plenty of office time. Friday play is off the schedule. So the weekend will consist of practice and work. Just hurt the story of a sports coach at a trainings camp in Europe. Top athlete, 45. Gave a class, went to bed to never wake up again. So even if I can not do the practice I need and want, I am pretty excited to be up and running :). One of the key aspects besides play and practice is to have your mind clear and in focus on the task on hand. This is the hardest part I must say and yet it is the easiest, as you have total control of your mind. Whatever enters your mind is there because you let it. Task today: 1. Work on driver, 2. Work on team building and sponsor search 3. Allocate funds or work 4. Work on building practice area. All other tasks, thoughts and such are absolutely and totally irrelevant ! :) PGA Tour is on today, so we have that on today as well. Always good to see how the guys are doing out there. Let us see how the day goes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

day 37

Getting ready for a long working day. No space for practice. Not happy about it, but I have no choice. We are going to Orlando and will be back late. Guess I have an off day. Although I believe it is crucial to have those, looking at the last few days, I lost weeks of progress. Tomorrow is a full practice day again. I am looking forward to it. There is no place I feel better then around a golf course. Weather is not perfect anyway today. Maybe I get some work done on other things.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good practice

Even though I had a short practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club, it was a good one. My focus was the hybrid approach and the tee off driver. Most important I am working on getting my upper body out of the way so I can go freely through the ball. I stared working on that yesterday at Rolling Greens and continued today. I must say , it looked promising. I was able to hit good and confident hybrids and 80 of my drives where in fairway proximity and long. A few did not look that great, but still acceptable. Was a little short, but successful. Later I will do two chipping sessions. I have 3 days before my next round, if I actually play it. We will see how the week develops. I just feel good , when I actually see progress in my swing and confidence. Made my day. :)

Day 36

Of into a new day. Work up after a very short and unsettling night of sleep. It is cold outside, but the sky is blue and the sun is on the rise. Love Florida. It is like Spain. Even when cold , you get some sun. That helps to keep the moral up. Seems like the wet and cold yesterday afternoon got into my bones as well. Nevertheless I am getting ready for a short practice at Terra Ceia Bay. Based on what I can do right now, I will focus on the absolute most important shot. Which would be the hybrids. 170 to 220. Even with a bad drive, I most likely will be in a distance range which is about that and so the goal is to make sure I get on the green or to the green. Practice will be about 90 minutes today. Again way to short, but no choice. The second part will be at home. Utilizing the practice area. Most of the day will be spend to work on allocating sponsorship and funds. Yes, that is a huge part of the deal. Not the most pleasant, but it needs to be done. This is a s ide most of you and most people never realize it is there. I know and play with dozens of young and older pros who do not have big companies supporting them or paying them for their endorsement. It is a constant struggle to make sure you can give your full time attention to the task. Only full time attention will bring success and only success will bring sponsors or will payback investments and so on. I am sure you will read more about that. After all my goal of with this blog is to give clear, real information about how a player like me goes through the steps. No holding back nothing. That is what makes it so exciting and at times upsetting LOL. But when you think about it. It is nothing else then hard work and a tough job to accomplish the goal. There is only one difference. People who do it, absolutely love what they do and are willing to sacrifice all kinds of things, just as I do. Let's start the day. Coffee, breakfast and off we go. There will be more updates through out the day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Night thought

Getting ready for bed after a super long day. Tomorrow we start fresh and keep it going. Terra Ceia Bay is on the list for a short but good short game practice. Rest of the day will be more admin work. Possibly put a couple hours of practice net video work in. It all depends. Based on the page views of this blog I am excited to have people interested. Surely you will find some advertisements and youtube videos soon posted on here. It is just a matter of writing and producing. If done alone, the task list can be huge and the day short. But I have to say, I sleep well. Whenever you feel you do exactly the things which you are supposed to do, you can only feel good. Despite all hurdles, I feel good. Jim Rohn said A bad day of doing something you love is by far better then a great day doing something you don't. He was right.

Day 35

What a day. Thought I will get the opportunity to get good practice in, but come up short yet again. All together 2 and 1/2 hours at Rolling Green Golf Club. Could not work on woods. The range was moved forward and so I only could hit irons and hybrids. Was not on my plan, but I did the best I could. The balls there are mixed and old, but I could pick out some good balls for the final shots. It was good and I could work on my 3 hybrid, which turned out well in the end. Chipping area is not the best, but I did some to keep warm and also hit about 10 bunker shots. Most of them ok. Both of those pointers are not practice, but just to stay warm and on the ball. I putted for about 15 minutes. Putting was ok. The greens seemed to be in good shape and decently fast. Since it became dark I had to leave. It was wet and cold and I was not prepared for that. Certainly that is not even close to what needs to be done, but I worked as good as I can. Already I have to say that I have to add on several days to the approximate goal line. It is not sufficient to work 2 to 3 hours on your game. Since I have some time in the evening now, I will add some putting and chipping to this day. Planning a better day for tomorrow. All depends on scheduling and planning the day. Thank you for following. I can see that there is plenty of page views. I am open to suggestions on how to get 4 to 6 hours practice in immediately. Do not be afraid to write or comment.

A new week on the rise

After a good Friday, a slow Saturday and SuperBowl Sunday, back to work. Today is a huge schedule, which includes 4 hours of golf practice and plenty of office work in regards to sponsorship, schedule and so on. Although not there yet, I feel great in thinking that my work day consists for the most part to get ready for golf and practice for the next tournament. For now I can only imagine how it will be to be 100 % in focus on my new work. Todays practice will focus yet again on my driver. No doubt, that this is my weakest part of the game at this point. The average driving distance is to low and the accuracy is not even close to be where it should be. I will try to install a mirror today or order a practice mirror. This little item is one of the oldest and best things one can use for set up and positioning training. Also today I will spend plenty of time hitting an old tire, which is similar to using a punch bag. This will help to work on the turn. Further putting practice and plenty of chips are on the list. When looking at my practice set up at home, I am by far not satisfied. Still no roof, still no simulator or analyzer and still not putting area. We are open to suggestions to accomplish the set up. From whoever who is out there :) There is two tournaments coming up which are planned. Laurel Oaks with the WFGT and the Terra Ceia Open ( a short course in Palmetto, FL). Not much, but at least competition to get even more in the mode. 3 rounds of golf are on the list for this week, if possible. Soon we have merchandise available from The sale of our logo merchandise will serve several purposes including charity support for local charity here in Bradento, Sarasota. I am open to play on Charity events and help or volunteer in all kinds of ways. Please contact me on how we can set this up.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fridays round of golf

What a round it was. Got lucky and was paired with 2 excellent and 1 very good player. I was excited about it. Went of to a good start with a birdie on 1. From there on, it was a hard working round with ups and downs, some good holes and saves and some bad. I could keep up with them, but never found my rhythm. Swinging to fast, not turning enough. It was hard to keep focus. I felt great, but did not seem to be able to keep my thoughts clear on the task. Best example was number 2. Huge wide open fairway. I did not turn my body and the result was a drive into a tree just 150 yards away. What a drive. My partners all had about 280 to 300 yards drive. Not good I thought, but it is what it is. So I am off to get the ball in play, which did not work out, topping the ball and moving it about 30 yards forward. The key word here is forward. At least I accomplished that. Shot three. I finally was able to get it 200 yards out there, which is still ok on a par 5. Easy straight shot to a huge green with a 5 iron. All I really had to do was put it on the green, but I missed left. a good chip and a better put actually saved a bogey. Considering, that we had 2 pars and another bogey in the group, I did good work there, even if it looked horrible :). From there on my focus was on keeping the ball in play. Big mistake! Whenever I do that I am blocking, not turning, hitting short and definitely not straight. Throughout the round I had a few pars, some birdie chances, non of them I converted missing by an inch or less and 2 times leaving it short. The worst part was the bunker play. 3 bunkers, no sand safe. As a matter of fact, twice I did not make it out of the bunker with the first attempt. Now that is bad to they the least. With all things, I still was able to keep my calm and play my round. Working on playing shot after shot. It was great to play with golfers who are not short of professionals. Not only do they play well, but also the way they act on the course and around the greens is different. There is no comments. On 16 it was a great example. I hit a bad drive and ended up right under a tree with the ball sitting between all kinds of roots. Evaluating the situation, I figured that there is no root close to the ball and I can hit the ball. I took one extra club to make sure I do not have to swing hard. I had to clear 1 fairway bunker and a green side bunker behind which the flag was sitting. When swinging at the ball I found out that there was some root close and I did not get ahold of it. Luckily it was good enough to make it into the green side bunker, which I usually like. The lie was good so I did not take much time and got ready to hit, while everybody was patiently waiting on the green. I went through my routine and did my shot, which flew about 2 yards to the edge of the trap and rolled back. Getting ready again and hitting another shot, I did not take enough time and picked the ball clean, flying it way over the green. Again, nobody moved on the green and no comment, until I was completely done. Once that happened, everybody was moving on. No word about this hole on the next tee, 17 par 3. I was hitting last. Hit a great shot with 12 feet of the flag. That was great news, for me that I can get over a bad hole and for them to be able to say something good. I now have 7 rounds with statistics. Another 3 and I am doing my chart and see what the main issues are. Then wee will work one by one. Today is off day in terms of play, but 1 hour practice will be on the schedule as well as short game.