Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What a nice practice day it was. Working on my drive yet again. I am getting there. It really is a rhythm problem. But , being back in full practice there is no doubt I will find my old self and get this ball out there . 270 average is what I need to be competitive. This sounds like a lot , it really is not. It is a matter of putting several things together.
1. Club head speed. Now that is a must. Right now I getting closer to 95. It takes some time.
2. The fairway. On a normal day in Florida on a high end course you get roll. This is totally forgotten. I get about 20 to 30 yards, depending on the hole, draw or fade.
3. Rhythm. Good smooth rhythm can add yards.
4. Equipment. Well I have what I need for that.

Always remember, that 30 years ago there were players hitting huge and long drives and they played with real woods.

Today at Tatum I carried the ball in average of 215 into the wind.
Considering range balls of good quality and the wind, I need to add about 15 % to that shot. So we are at 240 to 245. Give it only 20 yard roll and we are almost there. Now those where 3/4 drives. So there is room.

Tomorrow is short game day and research for a new hybrid.

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