Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a foggy morning. Never the less, I was out working on wedges at Terra Ceia Bay. The green was nice and fast. Mainly tried to fine tune the SW and LW. Looks pretty good. Trying to decide if I go with 2 or 3 clubs around the green and learn to master them or if I go a different way. Meaning , same swing but many clubs. So far I think I feel much better just using my wedges plus the 6 and 8 iron. Good feel and rhythm today. Little fatigue after yesterdays session. Now back to work on charting, website marketing. Later this afternoon again putting. I did set up my putting station at home. Fast green and the putting game help to get a good practice. I am excited. My mind is free and clear. Want to join my team? Subscribe. Write. Use my website. Remember. Whenever you shop through it you will benefit me. No difference to you. Great retailers you shop anyway and more coming. Visit my website

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