Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First day of the plan

Today is the beginning of a project I am working on for many years.
I asked myself often: Is it possible for me to make it on to the professional golf circuit? It is true that I am 44 and also that I lost a lot of time to work on this goal and dream.
But speaking with friends, family and people who work in this industry, I am encouraged and actually decided to give it one more time my full attention.
Beginning today!
This blog will be interactive. Meaning I invite friends, family, people who are interested and everyone else to write comment, suggest, help.

Be aware, that I do appreciate criticism, but I do not tolerate negativism. I do not discuss the fact if it is possible, as I already established that it is. But I gladly talk about suggestions, hints, ideas and more.

I will write one ore more entries per day which can be followed.

This is supposed to be fun. So no know it all people, no people who lost their dreams and try to poison others, no it is not possible people ( those in general did not accomplish anything in their lives and hate when others do accomplish something).

I have a team of three working with me so far and I am seeking others who will share the believe and dream that it is possible that I can accomplish this task.

So , welcome to my dream.

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