Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting into a new day. It is difficult to find the time to get all the practice done when one is still working on the site. So today we will focus on tee off shots at a driving range. But first the shaft of my driver needs to be replaced. The one I have is cracked and useless. It is actually dangerous to be used. I never know when it is going to snap and then we have a problem. Could hit someone.
The Founder Club with the WFGT was a good experience and I played well. There was glimpse of my ability working the clubs and hitting GR and much more.
So I am excited about playing the Ritz Carlton next Monday. Before that I have work my way around at Bobby Jones Golf Course though. Biggest difference are the greens. They are extremely slow there and some of them are literally not even existent.

Oh well, this is not a problem. Part of the job to get used to that.

Our list for developing sponsors is getting ready. There is many things which are needed. Beyond money we need : Clothing items, golf balls, golf tees, gas, range balls, practice rounds and more.

If you know someone who might be interested in joining my team in any way, let me know. I have plenty to offer for any sponsors. Let us see what practice brings today.

My spirits are up and that is the key to keep everybody's up.

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