Friday, January 4, 2013

Stableford round at Bobby Jones Golf complex. British course, white tees. Cold weather.
The course is not in great shape. Greens are horrible. Most of them with spots under repair. Seems they did not mow them today.
Warmed for only 15 minutes because there was not enough time. Hitting on this range is of mats. Was fine, but to short.
Little chipping and putting and ready to go. I was not really warmed up , but one has to work with that.
The new swing is doing well. More upright. Smoother. Hit good fairways and GR. Overall ended up with 25 points. Missed several birdie putts from makeable range as well as par putts. Missed one par 3 green. We had fun and I could work on my swing.
Now I have two days to get ready for Monday. West Florida Golf tour. Second tees, Stableford. Better course, which is better for my putting.

Saturday and Sunday working on driver and even more distance control. I am very happy with my wedges.

Told some of the guys about my website and found new fans and shoppers.
So check it out and support the cause!

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