Saturday, January 26, 2013


yesterdays round at Bobby Jones Golf Complex was a great sign of progress. 79 is a good score, considering I only had one sand save of 3 bunker positions, one penalty stroke on a par for which gave me the only double bogey and literally one 2 good drives going a distance of 275 and 280. Putting was sensational. Did not miss a put from 8 feet or less and made 10 and 12 footers as well. I am excited , that practice for the irons pays off and gets better. Still will switch to different clubs within the next few weeks, which shall give me more distance. Biggest issue is the driver. Not enough distance and certainly not very accurate. Looks like I will get a boost in practice opportunity with a membership at a local golf company. That will move me into the next league. Now there is 2 weeks no tournament and I can work on game issues, sponsors and all other golf related issues. Getting a golf lessons next week. Which will be the first lesson in decades, but I think it is a crucial step.

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