Thursday, January 24, 2013

Practice today

Great practice today. Hitting short irons, mid irons and a few hybrids. Rhythm gets better by the day. On my way back to normal. It is about time, but still long ways. Did some video taping today. But I still need to analyze the results. Only thing I saw so far is, that I am still weigh to heavy :). After loosing over 50 lbs already, this is scary. However, working on it. It is tough. Tomorrow at Bobby Jones I will see to put the rhythm into play. Only the driver still needs work. Goal tomorrow is to play a good round of golf, hit fairways and give myself chances for birdies and maybe a couple eagles. Also tomorrow I will decide if to play in the Manatee County Open by WFGT. The Amateur field is small and so there is not much money to be won. The entry fee is to high for a practice round. For that I can work on getting some other equipment. We will see. Surely I will update my blog and groups. Great news. My profile page is in the making. Up-close and personal. Coming soon.

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