Sunday, January 27, 2013

New exciting news

To be in the professional golf biz as a player it is crucial to have a web presence in different forms. I am excited that I made further progress in that matter. A golf portal designed to inform, help and give insides. Professional profile site This blog Squiddo: befitforgolf Product reviews, passion reviews and much more. A great site to share, suggest etc. Facebook: 365 Days to Professional golf group , invitation only. Facebook: befitforgolf fan page. Make sure to book mark all the above. I am excited about practice today and even more about the upcoming week. My first golf lesson in decades is actually coming with a great teacher and possibly the beginning of a membership at a local organization. Both will help me to get to the next level. With 3 to 5 times play a week and practice every day on the range, progress will be seen much faster. February 11th is coming soon and I will be ready. Forward this blog to friends, family anyone you know who might be interested in following this mission.

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