Friday, January 18, 2013

Money made

Today was Bobby Jones Skins game day. Considering that I had my birthday party yesterday, one might think that would not be a good time to play. But , doing what I am doing, golf is what I do and so I got ready and set to go. It was cold and very windy. Both did not help anybody's game. It was hard to hit a good drive and get distance. Either I had distance and trouble or was short and in the fairway. However, 150 yards and in was no problem at all and putting with good. In the end, I shot worse the last week, but won all my green fees back. Which makes it all good. On 17 par 3 I made the decision to hit a 7 iron into the wind for a 153 yard pin. With the pin sitting right behind the bunker and a 136 to clear the bunker, this was a tough decision. A 6 iron into the wind almost sounded better. However, I though: get the closest to the pin and make the birdie. so I gave it a ride and it landed nicely on the edge of the bunker and trickled own within 5 feet. I made the put. What a nice birdie it was. Gave me points, a skin and the greenie. Oh well. I am satisfied with my game other then the driver. It feels good to make some money. Back to practice after my birthday trip and getting ready for the Manatee County Open at River Wilderness. I am excited. This will be fun.

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