Thursday, January 31, 2013

Invest in a golfer

Short note: In the past couple weeks I am asked more often, why someone would invest in a golfer like myself. There is several good and sound reason why to do it. 1. Money This I the easiest to explain. Golf is a sport and a business. It involves lots of money and not only on the PGA Tour level. There is money to be won at tournaments, there is merchandise to be won on tournaments, there is other benefits to be won like coupons and free services. As a matter of fact, there is hole in one prices which could be 1 million dollars. When investing in a golfer like myself, you are doing nothing else then investing in the opportunity to increase your value. You are expecting a return. Can you expect a return? Absolutely. There is plenty of options to get your money back plus a good interest part. If the money the player receives is a loan rather then an investment, it is essentially the same. The difference is the amount of the return. While an investor can get up to 50 % on his investment ( give 10000 and get back 15000 with no set time limit but less then another one) a loan will have a time limit and a cap on %. For example 3 years with 10 % and no access to prices like hole in one and so on. 2. Advertisement It might not be clear to many, but if you are a local business, like Hooters, a car dealer or another restaurant and so on, it does not make any sense to spend 300000 on Tiger Woods to advertise your business. While it is true, that he will get you exposure, the exposure will be to the wrong crowed for the most part. In return it makes more sense to have a golfer like me advertising your business. Simply of the location, social circles and community involvement. While there is no guaranteed return, the chances that you will spread your name within the local community is good and in the end will help you one client or customer at a time. There is different options to handle sponsorships like that and they can be of all kinds. Also there is always the good chance to make it on a state or national tour and that means 1st in line for sponsorship talks. 3. Charity Charity is a huge part of golf and charities are struggling. It only makes sense to have a spokes person for a charity. You can get a PGA Tour pro. However, this might actually cost tons of money and does not necessarily mean that it will help your charity. Or you can find a golfer like myself. That will cost you a lot less, but actually will give you a good possible gain. Fact is, that if you have a spokes person ,your chances are better to raise money. Although time and prices are donated, entry fees for tournaments are paid by the charity in return. It is a great trade off. 4. Social factors In some circles of social fields, sponsoring a golfer, be it amateur or professional, has an impact on the status of the person. While this sounds strange and wrong, it is not. As a matter of fact it is nothing else then being an Angel Investor which is actually known to others. It has benefits for all involved and might be connected with charity and advertisement. All together, it is not that bad of an idea to actually sponsor players like myself even at higher age. As an investment it is a good and sound deal. With a good agreement, there is literally no risk involved if the amounts are of reasonable value. f to If you have question on how you can get involved, email me. If you know someone who is actively looking and exploring, email me. It is always a matter of sitting down, talking and exploring. I will write more and elaborate more in the future. But this is a good start to answer the questions I received in the past few weeks. Ok, now , of to the range :)

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