Monday, January 14, 2013

Home after a beautiful day on the golf course. The Ritz Carlton was in great shape and the weather was perfect. I surely was prepared , I thought. With practice close to the desired level and some round played. However, it was a tough round with absolutely no progress. There were 3 good drives and a few good approach shots with long and mid irons. Par 3s looked ok. Only one was pretty bad. Water shot, bad drop shot. Double bogey. My PW and short game was good. Putting improved. Made a few good putts and was able to lag putt pretty well. So there is some improvement. Overall. A bad round of golf. Some wrong decisions. Biggest challenge stays the same. No clear head. So , bag to working on it. Need to increase practice and certainly need work on clearing my mind before I go out. The best news is, that this tournament was not an important tournament for qualifying or so. But there was plenty of cash to be won, of which I did not get any LOL. Tomorrow is a new day, new work, new opportunity. Simply need to do more. Once my statistics are out, I will post them. For Now I am only at my 3 round.

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