Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great practice

What a great start. 3 hours practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club. It was windy and cold, but it was good and productive. Focus was on short game. 300 balls SW, LW and PW. Sand shots, lob shots. Good rhythm. I am satisfied. The green they have is fast and good in shape. The bunker is poor, but works for certain shots. Great rough around the green for pitching. and Shot a couple videos, which you will see soon. Need to edit and shorten them. Looking forward to find out how my rhythm really looks like LOL. To relax I worked with a small bucket on my driver. Short warm up with the hybrid. Driver is getting back in shape. The range balls are not in good shape there, so the ball flight is not exactly true and one never really knows how far they go. But, I could work on my rhythm and also on the swing path. Both looked great and felt good. It was very windy, so it was a little difficult to tell at ties if it was me or the wind which had influence on the ball. Best news. I found that they have some great practice deals. Not that the course is long enough to go there all the time. However, it is always good for a few h ours of practice. Lunch time now and then later some more putting.

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