Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday was a very good golfing day. Work starts to pay of. Better rhythm, better distance control and better feel for my wedges. 77 at Bobby Jones in Sarasota. Had some great shots with my LW. Missed a few birdie putts within in makeable range and a few from long. But no big mistakes. Tried a new club , which was a big success and I will give it another try Monday at the Ritz Carlton. Feels in a gap I had at 175 to 190. The greens of this course are in no good shape, but I worked with it and so did all of us. It will be much different on Monday at the Ritz in Sarasota. So I am planning to play a practice round there tomorrow. Today I worked on wedges. All kinds of shots including trouble shots and bunker. Looked pretty good. Terra Ceia Golf and Country Club has some nice green to work with. Cleansing diet is over in 3 days. Looking forward to report the success. Need to get in better shape. Not for the looks, jut for the feel. I think progress is clearly visible. 77 was the best round in 2013 and the best since mid last year when I stopped working on my game. So constantly moving forward. For today I done. Just watching some PGA tour and see how John is doing.

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