Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Successful practice

First two and a half our of practice. Good start. Working distance charts for scoring clubs, trying some graphite irons and new set up for my tee off with my driver.
Distances are good. Pretty much the same like 20 years ago. Probably a little better in average.
The driver is getting back in shape. Standing more upright. Slower back swing and more fluent. With those Pinnacle range balls it is hard to tell what the actual distance is.
I was surprise about the distance I got with the Adams PW and 7 iron. Hybrid irons with senior shafts. Actually liked them .But it is hard to tell after just one session.

Overall , a successful session at Manatee Golf Course driving range. Second part will be putting. Artificial green and putting simulator. It is fun to be back in the game. Only a few days until The Founders Club with the WFGT. Support me by visiting my website Be Fit For Golf and use my partner links. Shop at Amazon and many others.

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