Sunday, January 20, 2013

First day of a 3 day practice brake. This is needed to get new strength and work on other things which are part of my new job and career. Planning for tournaments, practice and sponsorship. A business plan needs to be created for golf. This is a bigger project and not as easy at it sounds. But it will get done. This break is important, as next week will be a huge week with 4 days of consecutive golf. I picked that because it puts me in a tournament mind set. 2 rounds to qualify and then the final two rounds on Sa and Su. However, we will see if it is all possible as planned. Time wise it is still difficult to get done what is needed. 311 days to go towards the end goal, so time is running. Back on the blog later. Always open to suggestions, ideas and always encouraging to visit my website and use our partner and shopping links. If you shop anyway, check out my site to see if you get the better deal. Remember, you support a friend by doing so LOL . Just found out I could play for free here for my birthday, in Biloxi that is, but did not know that and so I will not this year.

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