Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazing how good it feels to practice in the back yard. It is true, that I can not see the ball flight and also not the distance at this point. For that a simulator or swing analyzer is of need. However, the feel can be practiced and the timing worked on. Soon we will expand the area. Did a good warm up. Now back to work on income production. Website, talking. My diet goes well. Lost 9 pounds so far in 9 days. That is not to bad, but I have 45 to go! I am already excited to play tomorrow at Bobby Jones. Walking tournament. Points and skins. Only way to make any money here is play good. But then again, that is the key in all of it. PLAY good. Not swing good, not look good, PLAY good. Which involves planning and preparation. Wondering if I should play the Wilson Duo tomorrow for another test run. Just for the feel.

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