Thursday, January 10, 2013

After all the work I got my Amazon Shop up and running.  If you are shopping through Amazon, you know that it is a good place to find great deals for all kinds of things.
What you did not know is, that I am partnered with Amazon and that Amazon will reward me if you , my team, friends and supporters will use my website and link to do their shopping, which they do anyway.
So, you spend 100 $ , Amazon will get all the benefit.
You spend the same 100 $ for the same product through my partner site, Amazon will send something back to me. Now, that is a no brainer.
Just figure. Who would  you rather have some of your hard earned $? A stranger  or a friend?

When you shop or visit, I will not see who shopped or any personal information whatsoever.
So no worries.
Simply follow the link below.
Bookmark it with the titel : Amazon shopping

And you are ready to go.

So without doing anything different you make it possible!

Thank you.

Shop in Achim's Amazon Shop

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