Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great practice

What a great start. 3 hours practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club. It was windy and cold, but it was good and productive. Focus was on short game. 300 balls SW, LW and PW. Sand shots, lob shots. Good rhythm. I am satisfied. The green they have is fast and good in shape. The bunker is poor, but works for certain shots. Great rough around the green for pitching. and Shot a couple videos, which you will see soon. Need to edit and shorten them. Looking forward to find out how my rhythm really looks like LOL. To relax I worked with a small bucket on my driver. Short warm up with the hybrid. Driver is getting back in shape. The range balls are not in good shape there, so the ball flight is not exactly true and one never really knows how far they go. But, I could work on my rhythm and also on the swing path. Both looked great and felt good. It was very windy, so it was a little difficult to tell at ties if it was me or the wind which had influence on the ball. Best news. I found that they have some great practice deals. Not that the course is long enough to go there all the time. However, it is always good for a few h ours of practice. Lunch time now and then later some more putting.

Invest in a golfer

Short note: In the past couple weeks I am asked more often, why someone would invest in a golfer like myself. There is several good and sound reason why to do it. 1. Money This I the easiest to explain. Golf is a sport and a business. It involves lots of money and not only on the PGA Tour level. There is money to be won at tournaments, there is merchandise to be won on tournaments, there is other benefits to be won like coupons and free services. As a matter of fact, there is hole in one prices which could be 1 million dollars. When investing in a golfer like myself, you are doing nothing else then investing in the opportunity to increase your value. You are expecting a return. Can you expect a return? Absolutely. There is plenty of options to get your money back plus a good interest part. If the money the player receives is a loan rather then an investment, it is essentially the same. The difference is the amount of the return. While an investor can get up to 50 % on his investment ( give 10000 and get back 15000 with no set time limit but less then another one) a loan will have a time limit and a cap on %. For example 3 years with 10 % and no access to prices like hole in one and so on. 2. Advertisement It might not be clear to many, but if you are a local business, like Hooters, a car dealer or another restaurant and so on, it does not make any sense to spend 300000 on Tiger Woods to advertise your business. While it is true, that he will get you exposure, the exposure will be to the wrong crowed for the most part. In return it makes more sense to have a golfer like me advertising your business. Simply of the location, social circles and community involvement. While there is no guaranteed return, the chances that you will spread your name within the local community is good and in the end will help you one client or customer at a time. There is different options to handle sponsorships like that and they can be of all kinds. Also there is always the good chance to make it on a state or national tour and that means 1st in line for sponsorship talks. 3. Charity Charity is a huge part of golf and charities are struggling. It only makes sense to have a spokes person for a charity. You can get a PGA Tour pro. However, this might actually cost tons of money and does not necessarily mean that it will help your charity. Or you can find a golfer like myself. That will cost you a lot less, but actually will give you a good possible gain. Fact is, that if you have a spokes person ,your chances are better to raise money. Although time and prices are donated, entry fees for tournaments are paid by the charity in return. It is a great trade off. 4. Social factors In some circles of social fields, sponsoring a golfer, be it amateur or professional, has an impact on the status of the person. While this sounds strange and wrong, it is not. As a matter of fact it is nothing else then being an Angel Investor which is actually known to others. It has benefits for all involved and might be connected with charity and advertisement. All together, it is not that bad of an idea to actually sponsor players like myself even at higher age. As an investment it is a good and sound deal. With a good agreement, there is literally no risk involved if the amounts are of reasonable value. f to If you have question on how you can get involved, email me. If you know someone who is actively looking and exploring, email me. It is always a matter of sitting down, talking and exploring. I will write more and elaborate more in the future. But this is a good start to answer the questions I received in the past few weeks. Ok, now , of to the range :)

First full practice day

Although it is not the first of the months, I will start my first full practice session today. That in effect means to spend 4 to 6 hours for nothing else then golf. The only way to find progress and have a chance to make it to a certainly level of golf is to play and practice daily and spend a min of 4 hours practicing. Now that sounds like a full time job and task, and it is :). Not an easy one, but also a fun one. Today the task is to chart more short game. Fine tune the chips. Specifically the LW needs some work. A scoring club which is crucial on fast greens when you do not have the length of some of the younger guys out there. Maybe I try to shoot a video again today. Really need to. Usually a second person is needed for that, but a tripod will need to do. Back in about 3 hours ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have a great night

Ready to go to bed after a long day. I am excited, that there is so much interest already in the blog and I work harder to get more insight in my daily life and way to pro golf. Tomorrow will be my first day of full time practice. A beginning and a start into a completely new life style. This will be interesting.

Another day past

Not the best of practice days. Tried to work on videos, but did not succeed and have to do over again. Guess it was a technical issue. Need to find a way to get it done. It will be crucial to have the set up in the home practice area to supplement for missed time on the course or range. Now looking for a car port like set up. Not time for putting today. Not good, but some work had to be done. Tomorrow is practice day. Not sure which place I will spend time tomorrow, but for sure I will put in 4 hours or more. Need to be ready for Friday play. Saturday we have garage sale. Even have golf clubs for sale. Wonder who is reading who will be able to stop by :).

Views on my blog page

I am very excited to see how many page views I get on this blog already. There will be so much info coming. Will be fun and exciting. Forward it to friends, family or anyone you might now who is interested. One of the major issues is sponsorship and funding. Seeking for options, answers, ideas. Anything that helps to keep moving, get stronger and work more in focus. Meanwhile, thank you to everyone supporting me already. Without you I could not do it , move on and work harder. Still trying to figure out how to post videos here. Hope to find out soon.

Anlyzing and results

I worked hard to get stats going and it is even more work to get results and conclusions. There is two of them which are definite. 1. For shots between 170 and 190 depending on lie etc, a 21degree hybrid needs to be added. It will not be easy to make a decision, but I will find something. 2. The Wilson Staff Duo ball is incredible. Between my current ball Bridgestone 330 RXS and this ball there is a price difference of 20 $ per dozen. While I think it is more important to look at the performance then at the price, it is clear that the Wilson Stuff Ball has the same if not better performance. But it does look like it is not lasting as long. 3. The number one key point to work on is the driver. There is no doubt, that if I want to compete on a higher level, 270 to 280 yard drive average is a must. Both is not unrealistic and more often I actually have the length. When looking at my approach shots on long par 4s, it is not enough though. Many of my approach shots are 180 yards and some of them 200 ( long par 4s 440 to 460). Considering that I use a hybrid for this distance it makes it difficult to get GRs. Ups and downs are great. But I will go into it further. It is complex and with only 6 rounds noted so far, we are far away from getting good results. Friday will be another chance to get some statistics in. Read reviews about balls and equipment soon on and more.

Admin day

Wonderful day here in Florida. Up early and working on administration, sponsorship and planning. Needs to be done as well and it is a lot to do LOL. But it looks good. First on the agenda is to funnel all my focus into one direction. It is amazing what kind of effort that is, but it needs to be done in order to work better on reaching the goal and fulfill my part of the deal in this team effort. It is sometimes not easy to let go of things, businesses or ventures, but if they do not help with the task, what good are they other then taking time and power away? On my private website you will find other info as well. Calendar and so on. But updating is slow. There is only so much time in the day and I have to do it by myself. Which I like better anyway. Paying a webmaster I found to be a bad idea unless there is tons of funds available. net on the agenda to raise some is a garage sale or Flea market visit. We will see what we can arrange. A matter of planning and again $ LOL. Oh well. Blue sky, no cloud and working on the porch, that makes it all easy :).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Great round

What a good round at The Preserve at Tara. It is good to see progress. Driver gets better again and longer. More interesting are the approach shots. 3 hybrid was very good. Hit 1 par 5 in two out of the rough. 202 par 3 was on, putting is great. Long bunker shots were very good. 3 W was perfect for all shots but one. Downhill lie in a little divot. Wrong decision I made. However, I am satisfied. Thing is, when you play a casual round with people who do not care if they really play well, there is absolutely now way to keep statistics, which I did not. However, I know the shots which worked. Now getting clubs ready for tomorrow and especially for Friday. Excited about the next Men's club tourney. I smell birdies, as I did some really good ones today. One thing I notices, how the Wilson Duo ball has more and more positive impact on my game in terms of short game feel. It is significant to know, that a ball which is 50 % less $ has a feel like that. My review will be out within a few days.

The Preserve at Tara

A course I played many times. It is a tight little thing. Lots of water and a real challenge. Welcoming practice for me to hit my driver and 3 wood. The goal is to hit fairways and get GRs. We will see how that will work. It is an early start this morning, but I feel great and the weather seems to be great as well. Nothing like a round of golf with a good friend. Details to come.

Monday, January 28, 2013

First sponsored practice round

Today was a great day and it gets better. Tomorrow I will play a first practice round sponsored by a private person. Although no supplement to a full membership, this is a tremendous help for the weekly routine. Tara Preserve it is. Forward this blog wherever you can. Friends, family, your social network. Interested in follow this attempt? Follow, have fun, enjoy and be part. Rest of the evening is off.

great practice

Great practice time at Terra Ceia Bay. 2 1/2 hours of concentrated practice. Focus was the driver and it got better. It is just a matter of getting the move and swing done on the on the course. There seems to be the mental challenge I am facing. I am hitting good drives otherwise. Followed up with 200 chips around the green, which are getting more secure by the day. Last I did putting and was extremely happy with that. Putting this to work on the course is the key to success. But there is no doubt, that if staying at it, I will succeed to put it all together. Now watch and learn from Tiger and Steven.


Change of plans. Short game practice it is. No golf available and a ton of work waiting. Guess that is the starting hurdle one has to take. But certainly not helpful for progress I must say. Let us see how the short game develops today :).

Ready to go

Another day coming up and I am ready. Not sure what I can do today. If I find a free or cheap round of golf or if the range will do. No lesson today. Coach is booked til Friday. We will see when we can do it then. Great news. Another friend gets me a free round of golf tomorrow. That helps :). Weather is wonderful. Maybe I get a chance to work on the practice area. Live golf, play golf, be it. The only way to get into anything. I am excited about it. Let us see what the day brings :). Ofcourse we will watch Tiger win in CA. Amazing shots yesterday. Did you know we can learn by just watching ? Do not forget to visit our website, Facebook pages and squidoo articles. More to come.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New exciting news

To be in the professional golf biz as a player it is crucial to have a web presence in different forms. I am excited that I made further progress in that matter. A golf portal designed to inform, help and give insides. Professional profile site This blog Squiddo: befitforgolf Product reviews, passion reviews and much more. A great site to share, suggest etc. Facebook: 365 Days to Professional golf group , invitation only. Facebook: befitforgolf fan page. Make sure to book mark all the above. I am excited about practice today and even more about the upcoming week. My first golf lesson in decades is actually coming with a great teacher and possibly the beginning of a membership at a local organization. Both will help me to get to the next level. With 3 to 5 times play a week and practice every day on the range, progress will be seen much faster. February 11th is coming soon and I will be ready. Forward this blog to friends, family anyone you know who might be interested in following this mission.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


yesterdays round at Bobby Jones Golf Complex was a great sign of progress. 79 is a good score, considering I only had one sand save of 3 bunker positions, one penalty stroke on a par for which gave me the only double bogey and literally one 2 good drives going a distance of 275 and 280. Putting was sensational. Did not miss a put from 8 feet or less and made 10 and 12 footers as well. I am excited , that practice for the irons pays off and gets better. Still will switch to different clubs within the next few weeks, which shall give me more distance. Biggest issue is the driver. Not enough distance and certainly not very accurate. Looks like I will get a boost in practice opportunity with a membership at a local golf company. That will move me into the next league. Now there is 2 weeks no tournament and I can work on game issues, sponsors and all other golf related issues. Getting a golf lessons next week. Which will be the first lesson in decades, but I think it is a crucial step.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Manatee Open

After careful consideration, I decided to withdraw from the Manatee County open. The Amateur field consists of only 12 players. Which makes the pay out low and the spots which are to be paid out few. Considering that the skins will not be high as well, there $ to be won. I will spend the time to get ready for February 11th with the WFGT I believe at Laurel Oaks and work hard to go in there as prepared as possible. Off we go to Bobby Jones for a Mens Club Tournament. Funny, there is more to be made there LOL.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Practice today

Great practice today. Hitting short irons, mid irons and a few hybrids. Rhythm gets better by the day. On my way back to normal. It is about time, but still long ways. Did some video taping today. But I still need to analyze the results. Only thing I saw so far is, that I am still weigh to heavy :). After loosing over 50 lbs already, this is scary. However, working on it. It is tough. Tomorrow at Bobby Jones I will see to put the rhythm into play. Only the driver still needs work. Goal tomorrow is to play a good round of golf, hit fairways and give myself chances for birdies and maybe a couple eagles. Also tomorrow I will decide if to play in the Manatee County Open by WFGT. The Amateur field is small and so there is not much money to be won. The entry fee is to high for a practice round. For that I can work on getting some other equipment. We will see. Surely I will update my blog and groups. Great news. My profile page is in the making. Up-close and personal. Coming soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back in the race

After a nice 3 day stay in Biloxi, we are home. Today I started my practice again with practice in my home practice area. Using PW, 6 iron and hybrid I did about 100 shots. It works great and the feel was great. Only ting missing is a result for app distance and ball flight. So we keep working on getting a better set up. Over all I feel great and look forward to this upcoming weekend. Before that I still have 2 days of practice and play. Looking at some equipment to build the practice area. It is only 342 left towards the goal. Time is moving fast. But everyday a new opportunity shows up. Suggestions on how to find a used simulator, metal car port or similar are wanted and welcome.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

First day of a 3 day practice brake. This is needed to get new strength and work on other things which are part of my new job and career. Planning for tournaments, practice and sponsorship. A business plan needs to be created for golf. This is a bigger project and not as easy at it sounds. But it will get done. This break is important, as next week will be a huge week with 4 days of consecutive golf. I picked that because it puts me in a tournament mind set. 2 rounds to qualify and then the final two rounds on Sa and Su. However, we will see if it is all possible as planned. Time wise it is still difficult to get done what is needed. 311 days to go towards the end goal, so time is running. Back on the blog later. Always open to suggestions, ideas and always encouraging to visit my website and use our partner and shopping links. If you shop anyway, check out my site to see if you get the better deal. Remember, you support a friend by doing so LOL . Just found out I could play for free here for my birthday, in Biloxi that is, but did not know that and so I will not this year.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Money made

Today was Bobby Jones Skins game day. Considering that I had my birthday party yesterday, one might think that would not be a good time to play. But , doing what I am doing, golf is what I do and so I got ready and set to go. It was cold and very windy. Both did not help anybody's game. It was hard to hit a good drive and get distance. Either I had distance and trouble or was short and in the fairway. However, 150 yards and in was no problem at all and putting with good. In the end, I shot worse the last week, but won all my green fees back. Which makes it all good. On 17 par 3 I made the decision to hit a 7 iron into the wind for a 153 yard pin. With the pin sitting right behind the bunker and a 136 to clear the bunker, this was a tough decision. A 6 iron into the wind almost sounded better. However, I though: get the closest to the pin and make the birdie. so I gave it a ride and it landed nicely on the edge of the bunker and trickled own within 5 feet. I made the put. What a nice birdie it was. Gave me points, a skin and the greenie. Oh well. I am satisfied with my game other then the driver. It feels good to make some money. Back to practice after my birthday trip and getting ready for the Manatee County Open at River Wilderness. I am excited. This will be fun.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Off day

Yes it is birthday time and off day. I will practice briefly and just make sure I stay in the rhythm. Last practice showed, that I am absolutely in sync. Also showed that I need to change equipment. So, we are on a short vacation for a few days and will rethink and plan new.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Home after a beautiful day on the golf course. The Ritz Carlton was in great shape and the weather was perfect. I surely was prepared , I thought. With practice close to the desired level and some round played. However, it was a tough round with absolutely no progress. There were 3 good drives and a few good approach shots with long and mid irons. Par 3s looked ok. Only one was pretty bad. Water shot, bad drop shot. Double bogey. My PW and short game was good. Putting improved. Made a few good putts and was able to lag putt pretty well. So there is some improvement. Overall. A bad round of golf. Some wrong decisions. Biggest challenge stays the same. No clear head. So , bag to working on it. Need to increase practice and certainly need work on clearing my mind before I go out. The best news is, that this tournament was not an important tournament for qualifying or so. But there was plenty of cash to be won, of which I did not get any LOL. Tomorrow is a new day, new work, new opportunity. Simply need to do more. Once my statistics are out, I will post them. For Now I am only at my 3 round.
Ready to go again. Today we are playing again The Ritz Carlton Members Club in Sarasota. I am excited and ready to play. Feel good, rested and good inner rhythm. What a wonderful day. Sun is out, mild warm, some clouds but no chance for rain. It is amazing that we can do what we can do. I am thankful to be able to go out and play. Simple goals today. Get it in play and give myself chances for birdies whenever possible. Play the %. Make good decisions on the course. In other words, PLAY the GAME of golf. No thoughts about my swing, practice or nothing. Get there, warm up and off we go. This will be fun and I play in a good group. Lucky me, I have a caddie with me :). Makes keeping stats easy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday was a very good golfing day. Work starts to pay of. Better rhythm, better distance control and better feel for my wedges. 77 at Bobby Jones in Sarasota. Had some great shots with my LW. Missed a few birdie putts within in makeable range and a few from long. But no big mistakes. Tried a new club , which was a big success and I will give it another try Monday at the Ritz Carlton. Feels in a gap I had at 175 to 190. The greens of this course are in no good shape, but I worked with it and so did all of us. It will be much different on Monday at the Ritz in Sarasota. So I am planning to play a practice round there tomorrow. Today I worked on wedges. All kinds of shots including trouble shots and bunker. Looked pretty good. Terra Ceia Golf and Country Club has some nice green to work with. Cleansing diet is over in 3 days. Looking forward to report the success. Need to get in better shape. Not for the looks, jut for the feel. I think progress is clearly visible. 77 was the best round in 2013 and the best since mid last year when I stopped working on my game. So constantly moving forward. For today I done. Just watching some PGA tour and see how John is doing.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazing how good it feels to practice in the back yard. It is true, that I can not see the ball flight and also not the distance at this point. For that a simulator or swing analyzer is of need. However, the feel can be practiced and the timing worked on. Soon we will expand the area. Did a good warm up. Now back to work on income production. Website, talking. My diet goes well. Lost 9 pounds so far in 9 days. That is not to bad, but I have 45 to go! I am already excited to play tomorrow at Bobby Jones. Walking tournament. Points and skins. Only way to make any money here is play good. But then again, that is the key in all of it. PLAY good. Not swing good, not look good, PLAY good. Which involves planning and preparation. Wondering if I should play the Wilson Duo tomorrow for another test run. Just for the feel.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What a nice practice day it was. Working on my drive yet again. I am getting there. It really is a rhythm problem. But , being back in full practice there is no doubt I will find my old self and get this ball out there . 270 average is what I need to be competitive. This sounds like a lot , it really is not. It is a matter of putting several things together.
1. Club head speed. Now that is a must. Right now I getting closer to 95. It takes some time.
2. The fairway. On a normal day in Florida on a high end course you get roll. This is totally forgotten. I get about 20 to 30 yards, depending on the hole, draw or fade.
3. Rhythm. Good smooth rhythm can add yards.
4. Equipment. Well I have what I need for that.

Always remember, that 30 years ago there were players hitting huge and long drives and they played with real woods.

Today at Tatum I carried the ball in average of 215 into the wind.
Considering range balls of good quality and the wind, I need to add about 15 % to that shot. So we are at 240 to 245. Give it only 20 yard roll and we are almost there. Now those where 3/4 drives. So there is room.

Tomorrow is short game day and research for a new hybrid.

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Starting into a new day. It is difficult to find the time to get all the practice done when one is still working on the site. So today we will focus on tee off shots at a driving range. But first the shaft of my driver needs to be replaced. The one I have is cracked and useless. It is actually dangerous to be used. I never know when it is going to snap and then we have a problem. Could hit someone.
The Founder Club with the WFGT was a good experience and I played well. There was glimpse of my ability working the clubs and hitting GR and much more.
So I am excited about playing the Ritz Carlton next Monday. Before that I have work my way around at Bobby Jones Golf Course though. Biggest difference are the greens. They are extremely slow there and some of them are literally not even existent.

Oh well, this is not a problem. Part of the job to get used to that.

Our list for developing sponsors is getting ready. There is many things which are needed. Beyond money we need : Clothing items, golf balls, golf tees, gas, range balls, practice rounds and more.

If you know someone who might be interested in joining my team in any way, let me know. I have plenty to offer for any sponsors. Let us see what practice brings today.

My spirits are up and that is the key to keep everybody's up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

First tournament this year and not to bad I must say.
New swing starts to develop. I had some good drives and am getting longer for sure. Greens in regulations were ok. Was putting for birdie 6 times , but only made 1. The putter in general was not that great. My sand shots were very good and I am satisfied. Especially around the green I must say.
The score was not the greatest, but I am still working on some issues. Overall I am satisfied with the day and made some money on top of it. So how can you beat that.
One of the things I need to work on is choosing the right club in the wind. I missed a few points right there.
Tomorrow back to practice. Need to work on the driver, which is broken again. Taylor Made seems to have an issue with those shafts. After all I am not the hardest swinging guy in the game. Oh well, we will see what we can do.
One of the things really difficult is the fact, that I was putting on greens with a 10 or more stimp. After working on greens which are much slower.
But I should be able to adjust to it with more practice and experience.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stableford round at Bobby Jones Golf complex. British course, white tees. Cold weather.
The course is not in great shape. Greens are horrible. Most of them with spots under repair. Seems they did not mow them today.
Warmed for only 15 minutes because there was not enough time. Hitting on this range is of mats. Was fine, but to short.
Little chipping and putting and ready to go. I was not really warmed up , but one has to work with that.
The new swing is doing well. More upright. Smoother. Hit good fairways and GR. Overall ended up with 25 points. Missed several birdie putts from makeable range as well as par putts. Missed one par 3 green. We had fun and I could work on my swing.
Now I have two days to get ready for Monday. West Florida Golf tour. Second tees, Stableford. Better course, which is better for my putting.

Saturday and Sunday working on driver and even more distance control. I am very happy with my wedges.

Told some of the guys about my website and found new fans and shoppers.
So check it out and support the cause!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interested in following my tournament schedule, which is developing at all times?
No problem. Follow it on my profile website, which is now under construction. The Calendar works though.
My playing and event calendar
What a foggy morning. Never the less, I was out working on wedges at Terra Ceia Bay. The green was nice and fast. Mainly tried to fine tune the SW and LW. Looks pretty good. Trying to decide if I go with 2 or 3 clubs around the green and learn to master them or if I go a different way. Meaning , same swing but many clubs. So far I think I feel much better just using my wedges plus the 6 and 8 iron. Good feel and rhythm today. Little fatigue after yesterdays session. Now back to work on charting, website marketing. Later this afternoon again putting. I did set up my putting station at home. Fast green and the putting game help to get a good practice. I am excited. My mind is free and clear. Want to join my team? Subscribe. Write. Use my website. Remember. Whenever you shop through it you will benefit me. No difference to you. Great retailers you shop anyway and more coming. Visit my website

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fuzzy Zoeller Hole in One Incredible

This video clearly shows, that one never knows what happens.

Successful practice

First two and a half our of practice. Good start. Working distance charts for scoring clubs, trying some graphite irons and new set up for my tee off with my driver.
Distances are good. Pretty much the same like 20 years ago. Probably a little better in average.
The driver is getting back in shape. Standing more upright. Slower back swing and more fluent. With those Pinnacle range balls it is hard to tell what the actual distance is.
I was surprise about the distance I got with the Adams PW and 7 iron. Hybrid irons with senior shafts. Actually liked them .But it is hard to tell after just one session.

Overall , a successful session at Manatee Golf Course driving range. Second part will be putting. Artificial green and putting simulator. It is fun to be back in the game. Only a few days until The Founders Club with the WFGT. Support me by visiting my website Be Fit For Golf and use my partner links. Shop at Amazon and many others.

First day of the plan

Today is the beginning of a project I am working on for many years.
I asked myself often: Is it possible for me to make it on to the professional golf circuit? It is true that I am 44 and also that I lost a lot of time to work on this goal and dream.
But speaking with friends, family and people who work in this industry, I am encouraged and actually decided to give it one more time my full attention.
Beginning today!
This blog will be interactive. Meaning I invite friends, family, people who are interested and everyone else to write comment, suggest, help.

Be aware, that I do appreciate criticism, but I do not tolerate negativism. I do not discuss the fact if it is possible, as I already established that it is. But I gladly talk about suggestions, hints, ideas and more.

I will write one ore more entries per day which can be followed.

This is supposed to be fun. So no know it all people, no people who lost their dreams and try to poison others, no it is not possible people ( those in general did not accomplish anything in their lives and hate when others do accomplish something).

I have a team of three working with me so far and I am seeking others who will share the believe and dream that it is possible that I can accomplish this task.

So , welcome to my dream.

Support me by visiting my website Be Fit For Golf and use my partner links. Shop at Amazon and many others.